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DicksonOne Touchscreen

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A capacitive 8″ touchscreen offers our best user experience ever and now features customizable views, alarms, and more. Plus, with cloud-based DicksonOne, you get your data at your fingertips and wherever else you might need it.

  • Intuitive user-interface makes it easy to view and manage your data
  • Automatically calculates and updates summary data for the selected time range
  • Includes passcode protection for unit security
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Base Unit X 1
Choose a base touchscreen. Both options here are DicksonOne enabled touchscreens meaning they connect to the internet and send data to your DicksonOne account. We also have non-internet connected touchscreen available too.
The difference between the two options are how you want to power that device. These devices require power to operate properly (but they do have battery backups) but Power over Ethernet (PoE) does offer greater flexibility if your facility supports it. Ask IT if you're unsure.

Sensor 1 X 1
The touchscreen loggers support up to two sensors but do require one to collect data. There are a wide variety of sensors to meet a number of different applications but all the sensors listed here are compatible with this touchscreen.

Sensor 2 X 1- Optional
These are the same as the previous sensor but this one is optional. Some users like to measure more than one application with the same device and by adding a second sensor you can do just that.
DicksonOne Touchscreen
Base Unit
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Sensor 1
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Replacement AC Adapter

<p>Replacement AC Adapter for USB Touchscreen and DicksonOne Touchscreen Models (TSB/TWE/TWP) as well as our temperature and humidity chart recorders (TH8P0/TH8P3/TH8P2/TH8P5).</p>

10' Sensor Extension Cable

<p>This is a 10&#8242; extension cable for data loggers compatible with Touchscreen Replaceable Sensors.</p> <p>Dickson&#8217;s Replaceable Sensors are the easiest and quickest option for re-calibrating a compatible monitoring device. When your data logger is due for calibration, simply order the appropriate Replaceable Sensor with the type of calibration you need. You&#8217;ll receive a new sensor in the mail and you simply detach the old one, replace it with the new one, and then you&#8217;re done!</p> <p>Image may differ from actual product. Please be sure to read the description and call with any questions.</p>

Network Cable

<p>CAT5 network cable for connecting your ethernet-enabled devices to your company&#8217;s network.</p>

Mini USB Download Cable

<p>This USB download cable works with all data loggers containing USB ports. Software not included.</p>

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Battery-Operated Data Logger

<p class="p1">With no AC power or WiFi required, our newest data logger allows you to monitor even the hardest to reach places. Thanks to impressive battery life, LoRa data transmission, and its compact size, the Battery-Operated Data Logger can go where no logger has gone before.</p> <ul> <li>Battery Operated</li> <li>LoRaWAN enabled</li> <li>Replaceable Sensors™</li> </ul> <p><strong>This device requires the <a href="">Dickson RF Lora Gateway</a></strong>. If you are looking to expand an already installed system then it is not necessary to add an RF LoRa Gateway to your order. If you are looking to begin building a new system we recommend the <a href="">DicksonOne Battery-Operated Starter Kit</a> or to call 630-543-3747 and speak to an expert.</p>

Cobalt X Data Logger

<p><strong>Now compatible with DicksonOne.</strong></p> <p>Cobalt X data loggers support up to 4 external sensors simultaneously to monitor your invaluable equipment. Readings are recorded in onboard memory, then transmitted to the DicksonOne or OCEAView remote monitoring solutions via LoRaWAN or Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. The Cobalt X offers interactive touchscreen controls and highly visible alert indicators, with support for a wide variety of <a href="">environmental sensors</a>, including our Bluetooth-enabled remote sensors.</p> <ul> <li>Temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, current, dry contact, light sensors.</li> <li>Touch-screen for easy alarm acknowledgment and setup</li> <li>Life sciences, labs, hospitals, storage, manufacturing</li> <li>AC power or battery operation</li> </ul>
DWE with ambient replaceable sensor

DicksonOne Display Logger

<p>The DicksonOne Display Logger (DWE) automatically sends its data up to DicksonOne where it is stored and can trigger user-configured alarms (among many other features).</p> <ul> <li>Email, Text, &amp; Phone alarms</li> <li>Unlimited Data Storage</li> <li>Remote access for an unlimited number of users anywhere you have internet</li> </ul>
paramètre logiciel software settings

DicksonOne Subscription

<p>DicksonOne is a cloud-based temperature and humidity monitoring platform. A subscription provides users with the following benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Automatic updates (nothing to install) with all new features</li> <li>Email, Text, &amp; Phone alarms</li> <li>Unified monitoring system scaleable to your needs</li> <li>Remote access for an unlimited number of users anywhere you have internet</li> <li>Unlimited data storage</li> </ul>
Product Details
DicksonOne Touchscreen Specifications
Alarm TypeAudible/Visual (Phone, Text, and Email Alarms via DicksonOne Subscription)
Ambient Operating RH Conditions0 to 95% RH non-condensing (Logger Only)
Ambient Operating Temperature ConditionsTWE: 32.0 to 158.0F (0.0 to 70.0C) TWP: 32.0 to 140.0F (0.0 to 60.0C)
Antenna TypeInternal
Backup Battery70 Hours
Battery TypeRechargeable Backup Battery
Cable DetailsUp to 5 Probe Extensions (A898) can be used (50ft Total)
Calibration OptionsN100, N300, N400, N995
Data CapacityApprox 1,000,000 sample points (backup)
Dimensions8.5 x 1.75 x 7.0" (21.0 x 4.5 x 18.0cm)
Display Dimensions8" Diagonal
Display TypeLCD Touchscreen
Display Update RateSample Interval Dependent (User Selectable)
Download TypeWiFi/Ethernet (DicksonOne Cloud), USB (must be formatted at FAT32)
EnclosureCase Front: Polycarbonate; Case Back and Pods; ABS
Included AccessoriesAC Adapter, Mounting Bracket and Kickstand
POE: Input Current PeakTWP: (At 48V) 235mA
POE: Input Voltage RangeTWP: 36.0 to 57.0V
Mounting OptionsMounting Bracket (Included with Touchscreen)
PC RequirementsWindows 7 or more recent
Power ConsumptionTWP: Up to 9W
Power Cord6 ft
Power Source100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 12V=1A
Required SoftwareDicksonOne SaaS Package, DicksonWare VERSION TBD
ResolutionLCD TBD
Sample IntervalUser Selectable Sample Intervals: 60, 90 seconds / 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes. (10 and 30 seconds optional, please call for details)
Sensor TypeReplaceable Sensor (See Accessories for more information)
Unit Weight1.45lbs
IP Rating21

Almost all Dickson products are covered by Dickson’s Manufacturer’s Warranty.