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Let our experts install and implement your new system. With our personalized assistance, you can save time and obtain optimal results from your monitoring system.
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Why Choose Dickson’s Installation Service?

Using Dickson's installation and implementation service is the quickest and most reliable way to get the job done. We'll work with you to determine and configure based on our experience with best practices within your industry. With our flexible installation and implementation options, you choose the type of installation that works best for you.

By following along with our installation guide, it should take just a few minutes to set up each device in your system. With best practices specific to your industry, you’ll know it’s been done right.

Hybrid Installation

Your team installs the units and we help manage the software’s implementation, including alarms, locations, permissions, and more. We got your back in ensuring you adhere to the relevant norms and guidelines.

Turnkey Installation

With this full-service option, we install and set up the hardware and configure the software on your behalf, including testing, giving you the peace of mind in knowing it has all been done right.

How Installation Works


Easy just got easier. Let us give you your time back by installing your loggers wherever, whenever. Our experts will get your system up and running in no time.


We’ll take the time to connect your devices to the cloud and manage any alarms, permissions, and reporting that you request. Our technicians will configure every aspect of your monitoring system including hardware or software configuration and updates.


Once everything is up and running, we will test the devices to ensure they’re working as intended.


Your system is ready to go, but we’ll be there to answer any questions you may still have.

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Our expert engineers and highly trained staff are committed to help you meet even your most challenging compliance and monitoring problems.

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