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Incubator Monitoring

Ensure your incubator conditions are properly controlled by monitoring temperature, humidity, and other variables with critical accuracy. Protect your experiments at all times with continuous monitoring and real-time alerts.
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Our Solution Delivers On All Key Compliance Aspects

Meets Compliance Standards And Regulatory Requirements

Meet your 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of non-compliance with continuous monitoring, core audit trails, and digital logs.

Maintains Ideal Conditions

Get accurate incubator temperature, humidity, and pressure data, anywhere you are, so you know your experiments are always within acceptable ranges and can ensure experiment repeatability.

Delivers End-To-End Monitoring Of All Key Compliance Measures

Effortlessly monitor incubator conditions for long-term consistency and repeatable results. Ensure total compliance and quality in your laboratory while ensuring safety.

Handles Every Excursions To Ensure 100% Compliance

Streamline corrective actions and unify processes when excursions occur to reduce or eliminate the risk for asset loss.

Solution & Process

How This Solution Works

Sensors & Data Loggers

Intelligent sensors with NIST-traceable calibration applied to incubators allow remote monitoring of temperature and humidity to protect your experiments and comply with regulatory requirements.

Cloud Monitoring

Data loggers collect temperature and humidity data and automatically deliver it to our cloud-based remote monitoring system, DicksonOne, so you can monitor essential data anytime, anywhere.

Compliance Reporting

DicksonOne’s intuitive dashboard displays all critical monitoring information on a single screen, giving users an easy way to access real-time status, audit trails, and compliance reports. Effortlessly create customized, automated reports for compliance reporting.

Real-Time Alerts

Create tailored alarm notifications (phone call, SMS, email, etc.) to alert users to take corrective action to protect your experiments. Set up alerts for warnings and excursions, high/low variable readings, and device failures or disconnects.

Dickson Covers Your Monitoring Needs

Our comprehensive environmental monitoring solutions ensure you meet your compliance needs confidently. Combining 90 years of experience and cutting-edge technology, Dickson can give you the peace of mind that our monitoring systems check all the boxes.

Real-Time Monitoring

With real-time monitoring across multiple points, the right environmental monitoring solution can alert you if any sensor detects significant variations. That way you can respond quickly to prevent testing or audit failure.

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Accurate Calibration

Over time, sensors need regular calibration as they gradually lose pinpoint accuracy due to natural wear and tear, which can lead to a false sense of security, placing products at risk and creating unnecessary alarms. With Dickson’s on-site A2LA accredited lab, you get accurate calibration (traceable back to NIST standards) to ensure you remain compliant.

Scale Easily

Whether it’s a thousand sensors or multiple facilities and locations, our monitoring systems are built to scale so you spend less time monitoring and more time being productive. With DicksonOne, you can view all your devices and settings in a single location and manage and configure devices consistently.


With comprehensive dashboard and reporting capabilities, Dickson takes the guesswork out of compliance reporting. From the DicksonOne dashboard, you can centralize and create custom, robust reports that leverage compliance features and log audits for proof of performance.

We Have The Right Features To Support Your Solution

Every test and scenario is unique. With real-time alerts, continuous monitoring, and reliable reports, Dickson environmental monitoring solutions give you the confidence you need to ensure your cultures are developing as intended.

At Dickson, we understand that monitoring the conditions inside an incubator are key to the success of your experiments and processes. Our monitoring solution is designed to tackle the demands of incubator monitoring in many processes including vaccine research, tissue engineering, and cell and gene therapies, etc.

Real-Time Alerts

Get immediate alerts once predefined thresholds are met and alert personnel to take action before temperatures or other variables start to go out of range. With multiple alarm capabilities, you can prevent experiment loss whenever an incubator falls outside of these thresholds.

Enhanced Visibility

With cloud-based remote monitoring, you get gap-free incubator temperature and humidity data with a complete audit trail. Drill down into all of your controlled environments in a dashboard view, giving staff the ability to view and remotely access data in real-time.


Whether you’re tracking one incubator or an entire system, our incubator monitoring system will help ensure consistency with ease. Monitor multiple incubators in different locations in one centralized view and access data from any device.

High Accuracy And Reliability

Monitor essential data with high accuracy and reliability using our sensors with NIST traceable & A2LA calibration. Our replaceable sensors also make recalibrating as simple as swapping out batteries.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Meet strict monitoring and GxP requirements set by the government and regulatory bodies. Automate daily reporting tasks and easily create reports to demonstrate compliance and stay audit-ready.

Incubator Monitoring Related Products

Explore our range of products below to find the latest in temperature monitoring, cold train tracking, and other top quality instruments customized to fit your monitoring needs.
  • DicksonOne Touchscreen (TWP)

  • DicksonOne Display Logger

    The DicksonOne Display Logger (DWE) automatically sends its data up to DicksonOne where it is stored and can trigger user-configured alarms (among many other features).

    • Email, Text, & Phone alarms
    • Unlimited Data Storage
    • Remote access for an unlimited number of users anywhere you have internet
  • Bluetooth Data Logger

    Specially designed to meet your cold-chain logistic needs, Emerald ensures temperature traceability on the move. Emerald helps you protect sensitive and perishable products from storage to delivery.

    • Robust construction for use in harsh transport scenarios
    • Fits neatly inside nearly any type of container, compartment, or enclosure
    • Data access, monitoring, and alerts with OCEAView mobile or web application
  • Cobalt X Data Logger

    Cobalt X data loggers support up to 4 external sensors simultaneously to monitor your invaluable equipment. Readings are recorded in onboard memory, then transmitted to the OCEAView remote monitoring solution via LoRaWAN or Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Cobalt X offers interactive touch screen controls and highly visible alert indicators, with support for a wide variety of environmental sensors, including our Bluetooth-enabled remote sensors.

    • Temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, current, dry contact, light sensors.
    • Touch-screen for easy alarm acknowledgment and setup
    • Life sciences, labs, hospitals, storage, manufacturing
    • AC power or battery operation

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