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Our comprehensive training services and team of experienced training professionals will help you get the most out of your continuous monitoring systems and other Dickson products.
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Why Choose Dickson's Training Service?

Our training experts will help you gain technical know-how and learn every aspect of your environmental monitoring system from data loggers to software systems. We’ll help you fully understand Dickson products and become a technical expert.
Broaden Your Knowledge

With our 90+ years of experience in environmental monitoring, our training services will help you gain in-depth knowledge of parameter measurement, monitoring equipment, software, and industry-specific compliance requirements.

Obtain Essential Skills

Learn how to operate Dickson devices and software applications independently to make your everyday work easier and more efficient. Fill in your knowledge gaps with our comprehensive training.

Gain Technical Know-How

Gain practical skills in installation, operation, basic maintenance, and troubleshooting to get the maximum return on your Dickson devices. We provide training in a variety of Dickson products and systems to help you gain technical expertise.

How Our Training Works

On-Site Training

Learn everything about your Dickson environmental monitoring system with face-to-face training from our experts. When Dickson products or systems are being installed at your premises, our on-site training helps you gain practical skills using a hands-on approach.

Online Training

We provide remote online training and support that is flexible and tailored to your needs. When you have any compliance and monitoring issues, our training and support specialists are always ready to share their knowledge.

Online Resources & Knowledge Base

Access Dickson’s knowledge base anytime, anywhere through our website and social media channels. Our online resources include videos, manuals, FAQs, support articles, and whitepapers to provide you with valuable content addressing your needs.

Meet Our Experts

Our compliance experts and engineers are committed to help you meet even your most challenging compliance and monitoring problems.

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Our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the compliance process from start to finish. Reach out today to start the conversation. Call +1 (630) 543-3747 or send us a message.