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With Dickson’s mapping services, you gain invaluable data-driven insights in protecting your sensitive products, enabling your business to achieve accreditation and be fully compliant (NABP, FDA, etc.)

Why Choose Dickson's Mapping Service?

Mapping temperature and relative humidity distribution within a three-dimensional space can be a daunting task, but the data is invaluable. Dickson’s mapping services will provide you with a data-driven rationale for permanent monitoring and ensure your organization achieves National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) accreditation and complies with necessary GxP standards and FDA regulations.
Warehouse Mapping

Temperature and humidity can impact sensitive materials in your warehouse. Locating the hot and cold spots now can mean fewer spoiled products and fewer failed audits later.

Cold Storage Mapping

Every refrigerator and freezer has its own nuances. Is the temperature distribution uniform? By mapping each relevant point, you can be confident that your storage systems operate as intended and confidently meet regulatory standards.

Chamber Mapping

Are your chambers’ conditions uniform on the top and bottom shelves? Understanding the exact environmental conditions of any chamber is critical to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of experiments.

Download Our Warehouse Mapping Guide

Our guide explores the best practices for mapping temperature and humidity in any warehouse environment. Learn how to conduct a successful mapping that complies with various CFR codes of federal regulations.
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How Mapping Works

Develop A Plan Of Attack

Deciding where to place devices is paramount to a successful mapping. That’s why we investigate beforehand areas for mapping studies and come in with a plan of attack. We’ll get a layout of your facility and come ready to work having already identified potential pain points to set up loggers accordingly.

Watch While We Work

There’s a lot that goes into mapping and executing it properly takes a tremendous amount of time. We’ll handle the process from start to finish so you don’t lose days doing it right.

Meet Audit Requirements

Once all of the data has been collected, you’re able to rely on our expertise to develop a report that’ll stand up to regulatory audits. The precise mapping report will document the dynamics of temperature and/or humidity in your controlled environments, provide evidence of suitability for the storage of sensitive products, and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Digest Your Data

It can be overwhelming to look at environmental data in three dimensions. We’re here to digest, analyze, and help you understand every nuance and provide you with a clear overview of where parameters need adjusting.

Meet Our Experts

Our compliance experts and engineers are committed to help you meet even your most challenging compliance and monitoring problems.

Talk To A Specialist About Your Mapping Needs

Our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the compliance process from start to finish. Reach out today to start the conversation. Call +1 (630) 543-3747 or send us a message.