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DicksonOne automatically collects temperature and humidity data and delivers it to where you are. Easily set alarms and track trends without wasting time collecting charts or downloading data. Let DicksonOne be proactive about your data so you don’t have to. Please note that DicksonOne Data Loggers require a DicksonOne subscription to function correctly.

DicksonOne Features:

  • Access your data from any internet connected device, anywhere!
  • Multiple locations – monitor 1 point or 1000’s
  • Scaleable to any number of loggers
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Email & SMS Text Alerts
  • Secure Data
  • Compatible with replaceable sensors

Note: DWE is no longer available. DWE2 is an exact replacement with updated internal components and a blue power button.



10' Sensor Extension Cable

<p>This is a 10&#8242; extension cable for data loggers compatible with Touchscreen Replaceable Sensors.</p> <p>Dickson&#8217;s Replaceable Sensors are the easiest and quickest option for re-calibrating a compatible monitoring device. When your data logger is due for calibration, simply order the appropriate Replaceable Sensor with the type of calibration you need. You&#8217;ll receive a new sensor in the mail and you simply detach the old one, replace it with the new one, and then you&#8217;re done!</p> <p>Image may differ from actual product. Please be sure to read the description and call with any questions.</p>

Mini USB Download Cable

<p>This USB download cable works with all data loggers containing USB ports. Software not included.</p>
Dickson Data PoE Adapter

PoE Adapter

<p>Dickson&#8217;s PoE Adapter allows users to power their DWE via POE by connecting the device and this adapter to an ethernet port with active POE. Using this accessory reduces the number of cables that are needed to manage the device thus freeing up both time and space.</p>

Replacement AC Adapter

<p>Replacement AC Adapter for USB Touchscreen and DicksonOne Touchscreen Models (TSB/TWE/TWP) as well as our temperature and humidity chart recorders (TH8P0/TH8P3/TH8P2/TH8P5).</p>

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Almost all Dickson products are covered by Dickson’s Manufacturer’s Warranty.