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Pressure Data Logger

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All of our pressure data loggers feature remote downloads, IP ratings, and a variety of ranges. Works with the latest version of DicksonWare™ (sold separately).

  • PSI, ATM, Bar, mBar, InH2O, FtH2O, mmH2O, mmHG, InHG, Pascal, kP, MCA
  • IP68 resistant case
  • 1-second sampling rate
  • USB or USB/Flashcard options for data retrieval
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DicksonWare™ 2.0 software is required to operate this device.
Pressure Data Logger
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Locking Case

<p>Locking cases are great for preventing tampering. Often pressure recorders are left in remote areas and not checked for days or weeks at a time. Use a standard padlock or combination lock to prevent unauthorized users from tampering with the unit or downloading the data. This case allows you to see the display of the unit for a quick site check without removing the lock and case.</p>

Memory Card

<div class="productDescription"> <p>The removable SD flash card is perfect for situations where you cannot bring your data logger back to the computer. Simply transfer your data from your (compatible) logger(s), bring the card to your computer and use an optional card reader to transfer the data from your card to the DicksonWare™ software.</p> </div> <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12"></div> </div>

123A Battery

<p>The A125 is a 3 Volt (3V) Lithium Battery.</p>

Mini USB Download Cable

<p>This USB download cable works with all data loggers containing USB ports. Software not included.</p>

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paramètre logiciel software settings

Dicksonware 2.0 Secure (Mini USB)

<p>With DicksonWare™ Secure (21 CFR 11 Compliant), you can download your environmental data to your PC securely. Mini USB cable included.</p>
paramètre logiciel software settings

Dicksonware 2.0 Standard (Mini USB)

<p>DicksonWare 2.0™ Standard (Non-21 CFR 11 Compliant) is the latest desktop software to configure, view, and download data from your Dickson USB Data Loggers. Mini USB Cable included.</p>

Hydrant Kit

<p>Use this chrome plated adapter to convert the opening of a fire hydrant to the 1/4in NPT connector.</p>

Pressure Pigtail

<p>A pigtail steam siphon is used when monitoring the pressure of steam. Steam is often outside the range of the sensor and therefore a barrier must be created in order to protect the sensor. Filling the pigtail with water acts as a barrier between the sensor and steam.</p>
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Almost all Dickson products are covered by Dickson’s Manufacturer’s Warranty.