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10' Sensor Extension Cable


This is a 10′ extension cable for data loggers compatible with Touchscreen Replaceable Sensors.

10' Sensor Extension Cable

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Touchscreen Data Logger

<p>When we began designing our new line of Touchscreen data loggers, we started with some simple, yet lofty goals. We wanted to create a device that was feature heavy, easy to use and allowed users to access their data history right at the point of monitoring.</p> <p>Touchscreen Features:</p> <ul> <li>Capacitive Touch LCD Screen with multiple views, pinch-to-zoom, and swipe-to-scroll functionality</li> <li>Interchangeable Replaceable Sensors</li> <li>User-selectable Sample Rate</li> <li>Customizable Alarms</li> <li>USB Flash Drive for Data Download</li> </ul> <p>Using the latest version of DicksonWare™ Software, you can set up your TSB, view and download data, and reset your logger to the factory settings.</p> <p>Replaceable sensors and desktop software sold separately.</p>
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