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Transition to OCEAView from ThermoServer

Better for the change! 
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Better for the change

We’ve all had a good long run with OCEASOFT’s Cobalt 2 data loggers and ThermoServer-ThermoClient solution. For the past decade, customers around the world have equipped their labs and facilities with our robust and flexible monitoring system, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with timely alerts in case of problems involving critical goods and equipment of all kinds. The time has come to take the next step.

Evolution of ThermoServer Solution

Over the years, it become increasingly challenging to continue sourcing the original hardware components used in Cobalt 2 data loggers. With the advent of Cloud computing and the immense power of web architecture bringing significantly easier deployment and new data management models, the software backend and administrative tools have also evolved. Fundamental design changes have enabled us to drastically improve the OCEASOFT offering with a new-generation solution based on the latest long-range wireless communication technologies, while building on the experience and successes of the previous generation.

Essential Changes

Fundamental design changes have enabled us to drastically improve the OCEASOFT offering with a new-generation solution based on the latest long-range wireless communication technologies, while building on the experience and successes of the previous generation.

  • Significantly easier deployment for connected monitoring solutions
  • Long-range wireless connectivity for cost-effective site coverage

Looking toward the Future

In 2020, we announced that OCEASOFT would no longer be selling new licenses of the ThermoClient-ThermoServer solution. Through December 31, 2023, existing customers can continue to expand their sites as needed, and we will continue to provide them with legacy data loggers and sensors. However, we will no longer be pursuing new development on ThermoServer-ThermoClient.

  • ThermoServer-ThermoClient / Cobalt 2 end-of-life December 31, 2023
  • Fundamental new design changes leading to OCEAView™ Solution

It’s time to focus on OCEAView

For the past several years, our focus has been on developing a comprehensive and unified Web-architecture system that supports all our new generation LoRaWAN and Bluetooth enabled data loggers. The goal is to provide a solution that is easy for both users and administrators, while also respecting our customers’ security requirements.

The result is the OCEAView™ Solution, which replaces our Windows based ThermoServer-ThermoClient application. Released in October 2018, the new generation OCEAView™ Solution is designed as a unified platform that integrates all OCEASOFT data loggers moving forward, regardless of their underlying communication technology.


Above all, OCEAView is entirely based on our many years of experience with ThermoServer-ThermoClient and on customer feedback, offering a wide range of familiar features as well as numerous new features and flexibility. Users switching to the new system find everything they need quickly and easily.

OCEAView : SaaS version

The OCEAView web application is offered with SaaS access via the Internet, hosted on one of the world’s most robust, secure, and scalable Cloud platforms. We also provide it as a completely standalone On-Premises solution for use on highly secure customer sites. The Cloud version is ready-to-use, eliminating the need for customers to deal with software deployment and maintenance. Furthermore, it offers the benefit of automatic updates for patches and feature releases.

Two ways of display

The On-Premises solution resides entirely on the customer’s own servers within their infrastructure and includes support for LDAP to facilitate user management. For on-premises use, the customer’s IT department provides the server and handles the software services based on a fully packaged solution provided by OCEASOFT. The two options are otherwise functionally identical and are backed by responsive technical support services.

Pros of the OCEAView Solution
  • State-of-the-art Web architecture with familiar operation and numerous new features
  • Ready-to-use SaaS access with no installation or deployment hassles
  • On-Premises package for secure sites and LDAP

New-generation data loggers featuring long-range LoRaWAN wireless connectivity

Moving forward from Cobalt 2 also involved a complete redesign of our data loggers. One reason was to implement the latest Internet of Things communication protocols, notably LoRaWAN connectivity, which offers extremely long-range wireless coverage that helps lower costs by simplifying site installation. In most cases, a single LoRaWAN gateway can cover an entire site without requiring repeaters, which helps keep costs down. Another reason for the redesign was to provide more functionality, more flexible user interfaces, and simplified setup and every day operation.

Released over two years ago, Cobalt X1 and Cobalt X2 are now our flagship data loggers, respectively supporting two or four connected sensors, including a wide variety of wired sensors and Bluetooth wireless sensors. They do everything Cobalt 2 could do, and more!

Cobalt X products include many features requested by customers over the years, such as touch-screen operation and alarm acknowledgment (even while wearing gloves), four programmable high limits and four low limits for progressive alarm management, support for battery and USB power supplies, a dry contact input sensor, and much more.

It is worth noting that our Atlas and Emerald Bluetooth enabled products have also been improved and can be used either as data loggers in transport scenarios or as wireless sensors paired with Cobalt X data loggers. Our LoRaWAN-enabled Cobalt L3 and Cobalt ML3 (for mobile use) have been updated to support new features and integrate into the OCEAView Solution.

  • Long-range LoRaWAN wireless connectivity
  • Cobalt X data loggers with advanced functions
  • Improved data logging for mobile/transport scenarios with Cobalt ML3, Atlas, and Emerald

Plug-n-play operation with OCEASOFT Smart-Sensors

In the environmental monitoring world, the sensor is still king. You can use your existing digital temperature and Pt100 sensors with our new products, or you can benefit from plug-n-play operation with our new generation Smart-Sensors. Recognized automatically by Cobalt X and Cobalt L3 data loggers – and thus in OCEAView – Smart-Sensors store calibration parameters directly in internal memory, which greatly simplifies the calibration process by enabling you to simply swap sensors after calibration.
  • Automatic Smart-Sensor recognition on data logger and in OCEAView
  • Calibration parameters stored directly in Smart-Sensor for easy calibration

Other developments

Unifying the OCEASOFT platform and increasing solution flexibility are the driving forces behind these changes, but we’re not stopping there. We continue move forward on numerous companion tools such as an all-new iOS and Android OCEAView mobile application for standalone and OCEAView-linked operation, as well as OCEACal calibration software and Sensor Hub, new sensors, and more.
  • New OCEAView Mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Sensor calibration with OCEACal and Sensor Hub

Special trade up and buy-back offer: this is the perfect time to make the change

Our teams are more active than ever to help you adapt to these changes. The first step is to address your migration to the OCEAView™ Solution and make sure you benefit from the latest improvements to cover your monitoring needs for the coming years.

We are proposing a special trade-up offer to assist with the transition. For a limited time, you can trade in your Cobalt 1 and Cobalt 2 data loggers and get a special discount on Cobalt X, Cobalt L3, and Cobalt ML3. This will give you all the benefits of the new OCEAView™ Solution at the lowest possible cost.

Let us help you ensure a smooth transition to keep your monitoring system at peak performance over the long run. Please contact your sales representative for more information on products, services, and training.

  • Special pricing for Cobalt X, Cobalt L3, Cobalt ML3 data loggers
  • Benefit from support for a smooth transition
  • Try the free demo version of our solution OCEAView

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