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We provide comprehensive environmental monitoring solutions, including software, equipment, and services, for highly regulated industries meeting or exceeding regulatory compliance frameworks around the world.
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Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and over 80,000 customers worldwide, our environmental monitoring solutions meet the needs of every industry for which monitoring and protecting valuable assets is critical. Have a look at them below.
Hospital & Healthcare

As hospitals keep patients’ wellness on top of mind, Dickson takes care of maintaining the right environmental conditions anywhere in the healthcare journey from vaccine storage to operating rooms.

Manufacturing & Production

Maintaining the highest quality and consistency in your production requires putting the right environmental monitoring solution in place. Protect your assets and customers from risks of non-compliance and loss.


In the pharmaceutical setting, critical parameters such as temperature and humidity need continuous monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance and drug safety.


Temperature monitoring is crucial in maintaining uniform quality and preventing degradation of raw materials and aerospace components. Meet strict industry requirements using our environmental monitoring solutions.

Food & Beverage

From processing to transporting food and beverage products, monitoring systems ensure food safety and prevent degradation. Meet food and safety regulations and evolving consumer demands with temperature and humidity monitoring systems.

Medical Devices

Production and cleanrooms for medical devices are highly complex and regulated. Continuous monitoring of various parameters like temperature and pressure is crucial in ensuring the uniform performance of medical devices.

3rd Party Logistics

Protect your assets and the quality of your products while in transit from origin to destination with continuous monitoring systems that alert you of temperature excursion in real-time.


Maintaining precise temperatures in cryo containers and incubators is crucial in protecting research samples and cultures in laboratories. Continuous temperature monitoring systems can ensure compliance and enhance staff productivity.

Our Comprehensive Monitoring Solutions Are Designed To Meet All Your Compliance Needs

Whether it’s fully cloud based or on-premises solutions you are looking for, you are at the right place

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