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From monitoring temperature in cold storage units to maintaining ideal humidity in the operating room, we cover all your hospital & healthcare environmental monitoring needs.
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You Monitor Your Patients, We'll Monitor Your Environment

To provide patients with high-quality care, healthcare facilities rely on controlled environments and temperature-sensitive products such as medications or blood samples. At Dickson, we work with you to match the right environmental monitoring solution that best meets your needs to ensure regulatory compliance and patient safety.
  • Effortlessly monitor your hospital and healthcare environments and save employee time with 24/7 continuous monitoring systems.
  • Maintain proper temperature and humidity conditions and reduce product loss (from vaccines to lab diagnostic samples).
  • Proactively monitor for excursions and put corrective actions in place to ensure patient safety and asset protection.

Delivering Solutions For Industry Leaders

Focusing On Patient Wellness

Monitoring hundreds of refrigerators and temperature-sensitive items takes time away from patients. With Dickson’s environmental monitoring systems, you have access to continuous, reliable data so that you can focus on what matters most — the wellness of your patients.

Supporting The Healthcare Process

Environmental monitoring is crucial for the day-to-day operations of hospitals and healthcare facilities. In the fast-paced and tech-driven healthcare industry, we help you stay on top of every temperature monitoring point in order to meet regulatory compliance and achieve patient satisfaction.

Download Our Hospital & Healthcare Environmental Monitoring Handbook

Our new handbook explores how environmental monitoring can help address the compliance challenges of the highly-regulated and fast-paced healthcare industry. Learn about the core regulations and trends impacting hospital and healthcare environmental monitoring so you can stay audit-ready and remain compliant.
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Why Choose Dickson For Hospital & Healthcare Monitoring?

At Dickson, we understand that providing a safe environment for your patients is a top priority. With the right environmental monitoring system in place, safeguarding your patients and assets becomes efficient and worry-free. As you provide high-quality care to your patients, we take care of all your environmental monitoring and compliance needs.

Improve Safety

Monitoring essential data in your hospital and healthcare environments protects your patients, assets, and ultimately your bottom line. Ensure vaccines, medication, and patient samples have been kept within safe temperature ranges with the right tools for healthcare environmental monitoring.

Save Time & Money

Be aware of any excursions and automatically alert staff to take corrective actions to prevent the spoilage of valuable medication, lab samples, or specimens.

  • System-wide environmental monitoring
  • Automatic data collection
  • Real-time notification

Ensure Compliance

Easily comply with the healthcare industry’s regulating bodies, including the FDA, VFC, CDC, State Board of Health, and The Joint Commission. Reduce the risk of non-compliance with continuous monitoring and digital logs.

Dickson Serves All Areas In Healthcare

From operating rooms to research labs to vaccine storage and everything in between, Dickson covers all hospital and healthcare environmental monitoring and compliance needs.

In highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, there is a need for accurate and reliable environmental monitoring tools to ensure patient safety and guard against product loss. Stay on top of every environmental monitoring point throughout your healthcare system or facility and remain compliant.


As a vaccine provider, you need constant, accurate tracking of refrigerator temperatures. Get scalable, consistent data to make your process more reliable and meet regulatory requirements.


Lab samples and reagents must be stored at certain temperature ranges to prevent loss. Protect patients and stay compliant by ensuring your cold storage units stay within range and proactively act on excursions.


Monitor your pressure differential, temperature, and humidity for your pharmacy compounding. Meet compounding standards USP 795 and USP 797 and keep your drug supply safe.


Hospitals are filled with temperature-sensitive assets like blood samples and controlled environments like operating rooms. With continuous environmental monitoring systems, your facility puts patient safety first, stays in compliance, and retains its accreditation with national or international compliance boards.


Maintaining medications and vaccines at proper storage temperatures is vital to ensure their viability. Get automated alerts via email, SMS/text, or phone call to protect your assets around the clock and ensure patient safety and higher operational efficiency for your clinic.

Hospital And Healthcare Related Products

Dickson offers a wide variety of data loggers and a host of features tailored to meet the specific environmental monitoring requirements in the healthcare industry. Automate the collection of temperature, humidity, and other environmental data with real-time notification alerts using our products.
  • Cobalt X data logger

    Color touchscreen data logger with LoRaWAN® and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, supporting up to four simultaneous wired and/or wireless sensors. Fully integrated with OCEAView.


    Cobalt X data loggers support up to 4 external sensors simultaneously to monitor your invaluable equipment. Readings are recorded in on-board memory, then transmitted to the OCEAView remote monitoring solution via LoRaWAN or Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Cobalt X offers interactive touch screen controls and highly visible alert indicators, with support for a wide variety of environmental sensors, including our Bluetooth enabled remote sensors.

  • Digital temperature sensor -40°C to +80°C

    Digital temperature sensor (-40°C to +80°C) for refrigerators, cold rooms, freezers, drying ovens, incubators, Legionella detection

    • Digital temperature sensor with Binder connector
    • For Cobalt X, Cobalt L3, and Cobalt ML3
    • Calibration: ISO/IEC 17025, NIST traceable
    • Optional contact tip for Legionella conditions
  • Pt100 Smart-Sensor -200°C to +50°C

    Pt100 Smart-Sensor (-200°C to +50°C) for cryogenic freezers, Nitrogen tanks. The Smart-Sensor technology allows for on-board calibration details and features analog/digital converter to simplify calibration.

    • On-board calibration details
    • For Cobalt X and Cobalt L3
    • Calibration: ISO/IEC 17025, NIST traceable

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