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Food & Beverage

From farm to fork, solve your cold chain challenges and ensure the integrity of food & beverage products by choosing the right environmental monitoring system.
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Maintain Food Safety & Quality

Your food products need optimal and stable conditions in order to guarantee consistency and prevent degradation. Having the right environmental monitoring system in place can mean the difference between business as usual and a failed audit, or even sick consumers. Monitoring essential data from processing to placemat will help protect your products, your bottom line, and your customers.
  • Meet FSMA, HACCP, and international GxP quality standards. Automate your food safety and compliance efforts.
  • Get real-time alerts so that you can respond quickly before an excursion becomes a loss, lawsuit, or costly recall.
  • Effortlessly monitor essential temperature and environmental data from the production line to storage.

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Protecting The End Consumer

In the wake of FSMA regulations and evolving customer demands, consumer safety is of the utmost importance. The right system will help you monitor and control environmental conditions to ensure product quality and the health of the end consumer.

Supporting The Production Process

At every point, you need stability in your environmental conditions. Whether you’re processing ingredients or transporting and storing food and beverage products, the monitoring system you choose is critical to your success.

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Why Choose Dickson For Food & Beverage Monitoring?

At Dickson, we understand the complex process of food and beverage processing, production, and distribution. From farm to table, we know the importance of accurate data throughout your food products’ lifecycle. Our systems are designed to help you monitor essential environmental data so your assets and consumers stay protected.

Improve Food Safety

Highly accurate sensors provide instant and precise feedback in order to prevent food safety risks and maintain product freshness. Increase your supply chain visibility and effortlessly monitor essential temperature and environmental data of your entire process – from processing to placemat.

Protect Your Assets

Streamline corrective actions and unify processes when excursions occur to reduce or eliminate the risk for product loss. Get advanced visibility into your food supply chain and automatically alert staff to take corrective actions.

  • System-wide environmental monitoring
  • Configurable alerts via email, SMS/text message, and/or phone call
  • Real-time notification to ensure immediate resolution

Stay Compliant

Easily adhere to complex FSMA, HACCP, and other food safety regulations and meet internal quality control requirements. Verify that everything is stored at the correct temperature and actively prevent food safety issues with 24/7 monitoring throughout processing, transportation, and distribution.

Dickson Serves All Areas In The Food & Beverage Industry

Food supply chains are increasingly becoming more complex. As regulatory demands and consumer expectations increase, Dickson helps you cover all food & beverage environmental monitoring and compliance needs with end-to-end cold chain monitoring.

At Dickson, we understand that cold chain temperature monitoring is critical to the safety and quality of food systems. Our environmental monitoring solution ensures safety, quality, and efficiency by providing real-time monitoring with high accuracy and reliability.


Every ingredient and every end product requires consistent conditions to ensure quality and meet regulatory controls.


Any point in the food supply chain that goes without monitoring can lead to a failed audit and product spoilage.


Keep your products fresh and safe, even in storage, by recording and controlling the surrounding environment.

Grocery & Retail

As products move from storage to shelf, tracking environmental data will help protect your products and customers.

Commercial Kitchens

Stable environments in your storage and prep areas ensure your menu is both well-received and doesn’t harm diners.

Food & Beverage Related Products

Dickson offers a wide variety of data loggers and critical sensor solutions with a host of features tailored to meet the rigorous requirements of the food & beverage industry. Automate the collection of temperature, humidity, and other environmental data with real-time notification alerts using our monitoring systems.
  • Cobalt X data logger

    Color touchscreen data logger with LoRaWAN® and Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, supporting up to four simultaneous wired and/or wireless sensors. Fully integrated with OCEAView.


    Cobalt X data loggers support up to 4 external sensors simultaneously to monitor your invaluable equipment. Readings are recorded in on-board memory, then transmitted to the OCEAView remote monitoring solution via LoRaWAN or Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Cobalt X offers interactive touch screen controls and highly visible alert indicators, with support for a wide variety of environmental sensors, including our Bluetooth enabled remote sensors.

  • Pt100 Smart-Sensor -200°C to +50°C

    Pt100 Smart-Sensor (-200°C to +50°C) for cryogenic freezers, Nitrogen tanks. The Smart-Sensor technology allows for on-board calibration details and features analog/digital converter to simplify calibration.

    • On-board calibration details
    • For Cobalt X and Cobalt L3
    • Calibration: ISO/IEC 17025, NIST traceable
  • Digital temperature sensor -40°C/+120°C

    Digital temperature sensor (-40°C to +120°C, standard or submersible), for higher temperatures found in ovens, incubators, water baths

    • Digital temperature sensor with Binder connector
    • For Cobalt X, Cobalt L3, and Cobalt ML3
    • Calibration: ISO/IEC 17025, NIST traceable

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