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Connect your iSeries Equipment to DicksonOne (Advanced)

About the Advanced iSeries Configuration

This article covers the advanced configuration (static IPs, MAC address whitelisting, etc) of Helmer iSeries Equipment

Locating the MAC address for your iSeries equipment

If you utilize DHCP IP address reservations or whitelist the MAC addresses as part of your company’s IT policies, you may need to locate the MAC address for your device. Follow these steps to do that.
Access the information screen:
If your control panel is not protected by a PIN, tap the green Settings button with the gear icon from the menu of buttons. If your control panel is protected by a PIN:

1. Enter your PIN

2. Once unlocked (the lock icon will appear unlatched), tap the iC3 button in the lower right of the screen

3. Tap the information button (the circle icon with the “i”)

You’ll be on your equipment’s Information screen. Press the “More Info” button on the right. On the More Info screen, you’ll find the MAC Address for that particular equipment in the right hand column.

Configuring Static IP addresses

If you utilize static IP addresses as part of your company’s IT policies, you will need to specifically configure related settings. Follow these steps to do that.
Access the settings screen:
Follow the same instructions from the Basic Configuration to navigate from the home screen to the ethernet settings. Home > Settings > Auxiliary Systems > Ethernet Once you’re in the Ethernet Setup menu you’ll see your equipment’s current IP address and other settings. To configure those additional settings, toggle the “Obtain an IP address Automatically” to NO if it isn’t already. From there you can proceed to assign an IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. Make sure to hit the Save button on the right. Configure the other “Send Data to External Server” settings as outlined in the Basic Integration article. Test your configuration by pressing the “Press to test” button just under the configuration options. If you get a message that contains “200 OK” then the integration has been configured successfully. If you do not get a message with “200 OK” see our Troubleshooting Helmer Equipment Integration article.