When strict environmental conditions are required, it’s important to have trusted accurate sensors that have been calibrated to traceable National Standards.

Why Choose Dickson's Calibration Service?

Correctly calibrated sensors are essential to remaining compliant and protecting your assets. Over time, due to natural wear and tear, sensors lose their pinpoint accuracy. Using Dickson’s ISO 17025 A2LA accredited calibration laboratory is the best way to ensure that your Dickson instrument is calibrated properly. With over 90 years of experience, we have SOP’s in place to ensure that each unit is calibrated to a precise and accurate NIST-certified specification.

Get NIST-Certified Accuracy

At Dickson, we have temperature sensors calibrated by NIST that measure temperature with a NIST certified accuracy. Your temperature sensor is then compared and adjusted to these standards, to ensure its accuracy. This process is documented, and thus your calibration is traceable back to the NIST standards. You receive documentation with your device to back this up. Learn more here >

1-Point NIST

3-Point NIST

ISO 17025 A2LA Accredited

A2LA is the largest and most well-recognized accreditor of calibration laboratories in the United States.

“The A2LA Calibration Laboratory Accreditation Program services customers in all metrology industries and provides opportunities for accreditation in virtually every field of measurement. Calibration laboratories in our accreditation program support testing laboratories, other calibration laboratories, industry, manufacturing, government and regulatory bodies and all other sectors in which measurement confidence is critical.

Accreditation in our calibration program ensures a quality assessment with technical experts who have experience in the field of measurement being assessed, resulting in greater customer confidence in measurement results.”

How it Works


We place the sensor and a standard in a stable environment.

“Stable environments” are essential to calibrations. We can’t assume any temperature, humidity, or pressure value without the use of a standard and confined, stable environment. These environments are chambers, where temperatures can be changed quickly and to the exact value we desire.


If there are any differences, we adjust the sensor to align with the standard.

If your sensor isn’t reading temperature, humidity, or pressure values accurately, we want to fix it. After the comparison is made across the spectrum of values, we take a look at how far off your sensor was off from our standard. If the device is out of its stated accuracy, we adjust the readings it is sending to the data logger or chart recorder.


We compare the readings to that of the standard.

After the sensor and standard are both within the stable environment, we run comparison tests for the entire range of temperatures that a sensor can read, recording by how much the sensor deviated from the standard at each temperature value.


We run though the process multiple times and perform one final check.

We don’t just run through the process once-we do it over and over again until the unit is within our specifications. Because we perform both a zero-point and span adjustment, sometimes multiple calibrations and adjustments are needed to ensure device accuracy.

Calibration Options

Calibration Type Included Documentation Calibration/ Recalibration
Standard - -
N100 / N150 1-Point NIST Calibration and Certificate $99 / $156
N300 / N350 3-Point NIST Calibration and Certificate $156 / $209
N400 / N450 3-Point NIST & A2LA Calibration and Certification $269 / $315
N550 3-Point NIST Recalibration with Before Data and Certificate $269
N995 Custom Calibration Point $69

Calibration Club

Never miss a required calibration again. When you join Dickson’s free Calibration Club, you can track calibrations for all your devices in one place and receive email notifications before they’re due for their next calibration.

Would you benefit from receiving automated calibration reports for a large number of devices?

Consider DicksonOne for a smoother calibration process.

Our Director of Services

Antoine Nguyen

Before coming to Dickson, Antoine spent more than 18 years within quality and validation roles in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The combined experience of Antoine and his team in these highly regulated industries can help you navigate through your compliance issues. With Antoine and his team at the helm, you can feel confident that  your job is performed in an efficient and compliant manner.

"Antoine is an exceptional individual. His hard work, strong technical skills, critical thinking and ability to problem solve were instrumental in validating and rendering key equipment. [His] positive, upbeat attitude and proactive focus make working with him a pleasure. His attention to detail and diligence assures that his work is of the highest quality."
Susan J.
Via LinkedIn
"Antoine is a valuable asset to any validation team. He effectively combines his validation, QA, and IT talent to deliver superior validation packages that stand up to FDA inspection.".
Craig W.
Via LinkedIn

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Dickson has been helping organizations with their monitoring needs for almost a century. Now, our team of experts is taking compliance one step further by offering time-saving services. We’ll help manage your compliance process from start to finish, leaving you with proper documentation and peace of mind.
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