Installation & Implementation

Save time and let our experts install and implement your new system. With best practices specific to your industry, you’ll know it’s been done right. 

Why Choose Dickson's Installation Service?

Using Dickson's installation and implementation service is the quickest and most reliable way to get the job done. By following our four-point plan, our experts will get your system up and running, test the devices to ensure they are working as intended, and stick around to answer any questions. Need help implementing? We'll work with you to determine and configure best practices based on our experience with your industry.

1. Install

Easy just got easier. Let us give you your time back by installing your loggers wherever, whenever.

2. Configure

We'll take the time to connect your devices to the cloud and manage any alarms that you request.

3. Test

Once everything is up and running, we will test the devices to ensure they're working as intended.

4. Train

Your system is ready to go, but we'll be there to answer any questions you may still have.

Flexible Options

With our flexible installation and implementation options, you choose the type of installation that works best for you.


By following along with our installation guide, it should take just a few minutes to set up each device in your system.


Your team installs the units and we help manage the software's implementation, including alarms, locations, permissions, and more.


We install the devices and set up the software on your behalf, and you have the peace of mind in knowing it has all been done right.

Our Director of Services

Antoine Nguyen

Before coming to Dickson, Antoine spent more than 18 years within quality and validation roles in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. The combined experience of Antoine and his team in these highly regulated industries can help you navigate through your compliance issues. With Antoine and his team at the helm, you can feel confident that your job is performed in an efficient and compliant manner.

"Antoine is an exceptional individual. His hard work, strong technical skills, critical thinking and ability to problem solve were instrumental in validating and rendering key equipment. [His] positive, upbeat attitude and proactive focus make working with him a pleasure. His attention to detail and diligence assures that his work is of the highest quality."
Susan J.
Via LinkedIn
"Antoine is a valuable asset to any validation team. He effectively combines his validation, QA, and IT talent to deliver superior validation packages that stand up to FDA inspection.".
Craig W.
Via LinkedIn

Talk to a Specialist About Your Installation & Implementation Needs

Our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the compliance process from start to finish. Reach out today to start the conversation. Call 630.543.3747 today or send us a message.

Experts in More Than Monitoring

Dickson has been helping organizations with their monitoring needs for almost a century. Now, our team of experts is taking compliance one step further by offering time-saving services. We’ll help manage your compliance process from start to finish, leaving you with proper documentation and peace of mind.
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