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Configuring Loggers in DicksonWare

About Configuring Loggers

  • All options that apply to the logger model will be enabled. If an option does not apply, it will be grayed out.
  • Please note that the configuration settings for the Touchscreen devices (TSB, TWE/TWP) are managed using the Device's interface

How to use DicksonWare to Configure Your Loggers

Section 1: Launch DicksonWare and Get Started
To get started launch the DicksonWare application on your computer and connect the logger using the USB cable. Be sure that the device has batteries or connected to AC power.
  1. Click Configure
Section 2: Configuration
Logger Settings will now open
  1. Sample Rate will be the landing page, however, various settings can be selected on the Left Menu Bar
  2. Set Sample Interval: Settable from 1 second to 10 seconds in 1 second intervals and from 10 seconds to 24 hours in 10 second intervals. For the DSB: Select available Sample Interval from drop down list. Display refresh rate can be set to equal or less than the sample interval
  3. Set logger to Wrap or Stop When Full (Wrap will write over the oldest data point once the logger is full)o Logging Delay No Delay: Logger starts logging as soon as it is cleared
  4. Logging Delay: No Delay: Logger starts logging as soon as it is cleared. Press Button To Start: Some logger models feature a Push to Start (PTS) button. Activating this feature will delay logging until the logger PTS has been pressed. Start After Delay: Not available on all logger models. Allows for the logger to be set and cleared but to delay logging for a set period of time.
  5. Summary: Based on status when logger was connected to DicksonWare. Will update when logger is cleared and reset. Start Date & Time: Displays the last time the logger was cleared. Samples Per Channel: Available samples per channel. Log Time: Displays how long the logger has been logging for the available logging time per the sample interval selected.
  1. Display: Not available on all models. Set unit of measure to display and display rotation.
  2. Channels: Disable unused channel if data is not needed for that channel. Channel 1 can never be disabled
Alarms: Visit Creating Alarms to learn more on how to program alarms on the devices and configure them. Calibration
  1. Calibration Interval (Months): will be displayed to determine how often the pods need to be calibrated/replaced
  2. Calibration Information for each pod channel will be displayed
About provides information about the Logger and the Sensor(s) connected to the Logger Note At the bottom left of the window after opening the Logger Settings window, you will notice that the battery left on the device is displayed if the device is powered by batteries.