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Wire Relay Pod

About Wiring the Relay Pod on Touchscreen Devices

  • The DicksonOne Relay Pod is compatible with Touchscreen devices only, which include the TWE/TWP and the TSB
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Wiring the DicksonOne Relay Pod

About Wiring:
To do that thing, you do this other thing.
  1. Pin 1: Channel 1 Common
  2. Pin 2: Channel 1 Normally Open
  3. Pin 3: Channel 1 Normally Closed
  4. Pin 4: Channel 2 Common
  5. Pin 5: Channel 2 Normally Open
  6. Pin 6: Channel 2 Normally Closed
Please note the following
  1.  Features 1 SPDT 50V DC, 200mA, NO/NC Relay per channel
  2. Maximum 22 gauge solid wire recommended
  3. Relays are not a controller and cannot be used to turn On/Off remove devices
  4. Relays are designed for resistive loads and NOT inductive or capacitive
  5. Operates under battery power
Note To learn more about Touchscreen devices, please visit Touchscreen Topics.