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WiFi vs. Ethernet

How to choose WiFi vs. Ethernet

For some, this is an easy question to answer and for others it will be less clear. Both WiFi and Ethernet have advantages and disadvantages. While the lists below are not exhaustive, they should act as a good starting point for which model you want to choose.

Reasons to Choose WiFi
  • Offers the most flexibility in logger placement.
  • You already have an existing WiFi network (or are willing to install one).
  • Less cords/cables connecting to the device.
  • You don't have an ethernet port readily available.
  • You want to cover a large, open area with loggers.
Reasons Not to Choose WiFi
  • You need the utmost reliability*.
  • Your company doesn't allow WiFi devices.
  • Your WiFi settings are incompatible with DicksonOne loggers.
Reasons to Choose Ethernet
  • You need the utmost reliability*.
  • Easier setup
  • You have ethernet ports readily available or can add a switch to increase available ports.
  • You do not have WiFi in your facility and installation of WiFi access points is not an option.
Reasons Not to Choose Ethernet
  • There are no ethernet ports available.
  • Installing an ethernet port and running the required cable(s) is not feasible or practical.
  • You need a large number of loggers in a wide open space.
*A Note on Reliability DicksonOne loggers are incredibly reliable. Like wireless printers or connecting your phone or tablet to a wireless network introducing a wireless component adds more points where an issue may occur.