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Why Does Calibration Seem to Be Off?

Causes and Toubleshooting:
  1. When was the last time the unit was sent to the Dickson Calibration Lab for a recalibration? It may need to be recalibrated.
  2. Has an outside calibration house attempted calibration? It may not have been adjusted properly.
  3. Make sure the output signal of the transmitter is calibrated to its full measuring range. Also make sure that the range selected on the recorder matches the transmitter exactly, and that the chart being used is correct.
  4. Using the Zero adjustment procedure (ZR MODE) found in the user manual, compare and adjust the unit to another instrument that is accurate.
  5. What is the tolerance of the unit it is being compared to? The calibration is accurate if the unit is within the sum of the two tolerances.
  6. For units with Pen Adjustment, rotate the screw to adjust the unit to match another unit of greater accuracy. Make sure both units have stabilized in the same environment.
  7. For Chart Recorders, make sure the chart being used is correct.
Causes and Troubleshooting:

K-Thermocouple Units Only

  1. K-Thermocouple capable units are able to use any K-type thermocouple probe or extension. Keep in mind that long extensions may require a Zero adjustment (refer to manual). 
  2. As a general rule, if the unit is not responding properly and you have more than one thermocouple, swap probes to see if it is the probe or the unit that is defective.