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Twilio Integration Overview

About the Twilio Integration on DicksonOne

Twilio is a service that enables web applications to send SMS messages and make phone calls and DicksonOne utilizes Twilio to send SMS and phone call notifications when alerts are triggered for customer-defined thresholds.

Customers in some regions, or configuring alerts to send messages (SMS or phone calls) to those regions, may be required to provide their own Twilio account which requires their own payment methods.

General steps for configuring the integration

  1. Create a twilio account if you don't already have one (if you already have an account, see note below)
  2. Generate API keys for the DicksonOne integration
  3. Connect DicksonOne and Twilio with the API keys
  4. Test the integration
  5. Configure fail-safe limits (optional)
  6. Optimize your configuration to reduce costs
Note: If your organization already has a twilio account, may use twilio for other purposes in the future, or may have multiple integrations that you want to segment out for reporting purposes, you may want to consider using a sub-account within twilio.

Common questions

What is Twilio?

Twilio is a third-party service that enables web applications to send text messages and make phone calls to cellular or landline phones.

DicksonOne has been using Twilio for these purpose since SMS and Phone Call notifications were released.

How much does Twilio cost?

Costs are based on usage. Twilio publishes their SMS pricing and voice pricing. Simply select the country your alert is configured to send to in order to view the per segment or per minute cost. We’ve written a handy article about how to reduce your costs with twilio.

Note: depending on various factors like the length of a device or location name in DicksonOne, a message may be more than one segment or greater than one minute. 

Is Twilio Reliable

Twilio is incredibly reliable. DicksonOne has used the service since the features were implemented and it has been one of the most stable parts of the infrastructure. 

How do I know if I'm required to provide my own Twilio account?

If you’re primarily sending to alert notifications to North America, it is unlikely that you’ll be required to provide your own account. You can review a list of the countries DicksonOne supports and which require a Twilio integration.

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