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Suspend a User

About Suspending a User

  •  Suspending a user from DicksonOne will prevent the user from being able to log into the account and view any information.
  • This can provide temporary suspension as needed where the suspend feature can be turned on/off for a specific user.

How to Suspend a User

Suspend a User one by one:
Go to > Manage > Users
  1. In the Users and Contacts page, click on the Kebab menu in a user card
  2. Click Edit on the user wish you to suspend.
Suspending will prevent access to DicksonOne:
  1. Click on the Sliding Toggle under Make this contact a user? This will remove the user from having any access to your DicksonOne account
  2. Click Submit
Warning Suspending a user only prevents the user from being able to log into DicksonOne and access information on DicksonOne. If the user is a recipient of any reports, the user will still continue to receive reports via email. If the user is a contact for any alerts, the user will be alerted when excursions are triggered. Success! Users can be Suspended, Deleted, and Edited. If you wish you remove the user from reoccurring reports, please visit the DicksonOne Knowledge Base to learn more about how you can edit a report, including recipients.