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Replace a Device

About Replacing a Device

  • If a device needs to be moved or replaced due to calibration, repairs and/or other reasons, replacing the device can be a feature to use.
  • If possible, Dickson recommends archiving the device that needs to be replaced, and registering the replacement as a new devices. The channels may appear different on the Device page.
Warning Prior to replacing the device, you will want to have the replacement ready to go by configuring the device to the internet via WiFi/Ethernet, and ensuring that you have the replacement device's registration code. Please visit DicksonOne How-to Articles to learn more on adding a device.

How to Replace a Device

On the Device Page:
Go to > Click into a Device
  1. Click into the device you wish to replace
  2. On the Device page, click Replace
Warning pop-up will display
  1. Review the Warning and click Continue if you wish to continue or Cancel
Register Device
  1. Provide the replaced device's registration code
  2. Click Replace
Success The new device will now begin to collect data. Be sure to review the Device Settings, and ensure that any reports and alarms are updated accordingly. To learn more on DicksonOne, please visit the DicksonOne Knowledge Base.