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Logger Is Not Recognized by DicksonWare

About DicksonWare and Logger Communication Issues

  • There are few reasons why the logger may not communicate with DicksonWare
  • This article will cover two reasons why along with troubleshooting steps.
Touchscreen Device May Be Locked Up:
With the logger on, press the current button to view current readings. If no readings are displayed, the unit is locked. If the Touchscreen logger is locked up or has failed to communicate with DicksonWare before, check the following:
  1. Make sure DicksonWare v17.1 or higher is installed.
  2. Connect the AC adapter to the Logger then plug into a standard electrical outlet. Slide the power switch up to the OFF position.
  3. Connect the logger to the PC via USB
  4. Open DicksonWare. DicksonWare should recognize the logger.
  5. Either download data and clear or clear the logger.
  6. Remove logger from USB and slide the power switch to the ON position.
  7. Logger should resume normal operation and when connected to DicksonWare the logger should be recognized.
Display Screen Issues:
If the unit displays current readings, Windows may not want to recognize the unit since it failed once before. Perform the following steps:
  1. Connect the logger via USB to the PC.
  2. Open Device Manager via Control Panel. Open Human Interface
  3. Devices and find the logger.
  4. Delete the logger device.
  5. Immediately unplug the logger.
  6. Plug the logger back in and open DicksonWare. The logger should be recognized. If not contact technical support.
Logger won't communicate using a serial connection:
Verify that the correct COM port is selected.
  1. Go to the main DicksonWare screen, click on Logger, then on Communication (a black dot will appear next to the selected COM port).
  2. Should you get an error message stating that the “Device Is Already Open”, this could mean that you have the proper COM port selected, but another device, or its software, has it allocated. Palm pilots, for example, will cause this problem, in which case the port is not actually available and you may have to disable that device.
  3. You may also need to relocate the download cable to another serial port on the back of the PC and try changing the COM port again in DicksonWare.
  4. If communication has not been established with the previous steps, you may need to remove the batteries and then try all COM port and cable combinations again.
  5. Finally, check to make sure the USB is unplugged, and that USB is NOT checked in File>Preferences>Serial."
Logger won't communicate using a USB connection
  1. Ensure that USB is selected under File > Preferences> Serial.
  2. The try unplugging the USB cable and plugging it back in.
  3. Remove all power to the logger (this will not cause the unit to lose any data within the logger, but you will have to start the unit logging again by using DicksonWare) unplug the USB cable, power the logger back on, then reconnect the USB cable.
  4. If the logger was used in a moist or humid environment, condensation may have formed on the unit. Place unit in a warm dry environment for 24 hrs. Then, clear memory and try again. These loggers are designed for use in a non-condensing environment. If the environment creates condensation, try placing the unit (temperature only models) in a small sealed plastic bag to protect it from condensation."
Serial or USB window that shows up when opening DicksonWare is disabled.
How to reopen the window
  1. Go to: c:dicksondw (or dwSecure)DicksonWare.ini (this is listed as a Configurations Settings file) Open the file with a text editor like notepad.
  2. Change the 0 to a 1.
Downloaded data does not match my display.
  1.  Please be sure you are using DicksonWare version 17.1 or higher.
  2. When using DicksonWare to view saved data, you must first CLEAR the Touchscreen via DicksonWare before logging. Once cleared, the Touchscreen can be edited and logging can begin.