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How a Logger communicates with a Receiver

When the logger is setup via the Wizard Software, it is coded to communicate with the receiver connected to that PC.

The logger is also assigned a Transmission Frequency of 5, 10 or 15 minutes.

If the logger is assigned a Transmission Frequency of 5 minutes, every 5 minutes the logger will send a signal to the receiver that includes the logged data and Logger battery strength.

The receiver will take that data and load it into the Wizard database on the PC.

The receiver will then send a confirmation signal back to the logger telling it that all data has been received and stored.

The logger will clear its memory and continue logging new samples.

If the logger does not receive a confirmation signal from the Repeater, it will save the data just sent and continue logging until the next Transmission time is reached.

Now the logger will send the saved data from the previous transmission and the newly logged data to the receiver.

If no confirmation signal from the receiver is received, the Logger will continue to store all logged data.

The logger can store up the 3 days worth of data at a 5 minute sample rate before it begins to write over the oldest samples with new samples.