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Find the MAC Address of a Device

About Finding the MAC Address of a Device

  • Every DicksonOne device has its own unique Media Access Control (MAC) Address
  • The MAC address can be found on the, as well as in the DicksonOne Connection Widget for DWE Devices, and on the interface of the TWE/TWP Devices

How to Find the MAC Address of a Device

Find the MAC Address on DicksonOne:
Go to > Click into a Device > Settings > Network
  1. At the bottom of the Network page, the MAC Address will be displayed
Note The MAC Address will only be displayed on DicksonOne after the device has been registered. If the device has not been registered to DicksonOne, please continue reading.
MAC Address for DWE via the Network Widget App:
Download the DicksonOne Connection Widget by going to > Support > Network Configuration App
  1. Open the Network Configuration App on your desktop computer
  2. Connect the DWE Device via USB cable
  3. Click on the 'i' on the top right-hand side of the screen
The Information screen will pop-up
  1. On the Connected Device Info, look for MAC Address
  2. Other useful information may be provided
  3. Click Close when finished and then x to close out the App
MAC Address for TWE/TWP on the Device Screen:
Interact with your TWE/TWP Device
  1. Click into the 'i' to view the Device Information page
  2. The MAC Address will be provided on the device along with other useful information
Success There are two different ways to locate your MAC address for a device. To review more information on DicksonOne, please visit DicksonOne How-to Articles.