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Edit or Delete a User/Contact

About Editing or Deleting a User/Contact

  • Editing a user/contact allows you to edit the contact information and or edit the user's location permissions.
  • Adding a second email such as a personal email can be helpful when excursions occur over the weekend when users may be out of the office.
  • The ability to control a users permissions based on location can be determined by experience and requirements.

How to Edit or Delete a User/Contact

Updating a Users Information:
Go to > Manage > Users & Contacts 1. Locate the user/contact you would like to edit, click on the kebab menu and 2. click Edit 2. To add a second email address click +Add email address or edit the existing email address. 3. To add a phone number for SMS and/or Phone call alerts click +Add phone number. 4. Be sure to click Submit at the end and ensure that the user was updated
Editing a User's Location Permissions:
Permissions are managed by the locations a user has access to and what type of access.
  1. No Access will not allow the user to be able to view any information regarding that location (includes the devices, alerts, alarms, etc.)
  2. Read Only access allows the uses to Acknowledge/Comment on Alerts for the location, create Exports and Reports. But the user will NOT be able to configure the devices, create alarms for the devices or edit other users.
  3. Manage access allows the user to manage anything regarding the specific location which includes device management, notification policies, creating users and editing users, creating alarms, etc.
  4. Click Submit at the end and verify that the user was updated accordingly.
Delete the User:
  1. Click Delete at the bottom of the Info page to delete the user 
  2. Deleting a user will remove the user from DicksonOne and will no longer be able to access the account
Success Users can be Edited, Deleted, Suspended and more. To learn more about other functions regarding user access, please visit the DicksonOne Knowledge Base.