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DWE Error Codes

About DWE Error Codes

DWE Devices do not offer a Touchscreen Interface like the TWE/TWP, there are different ways we alert users by using error codes.

Error Codes Are Displayed On the Device

Code    Meaning

101    | No WiFi settings have been configured on this device

102    | The device is configured with WiFi, but is not connecting to the Access Point (AP)

103    | The device is connected to an Access Point (AP), but is not connected to the internet

201    | The device is connected to a switch, but is not connected to the internet

202    | The ethernet cable is connected, but the device is not connected to/seeing the switch

001    | USB is connected, but the device has disassociated from the PC

002    | No AC power detected that is required for attempted feature or function (does not include normal battery operation)

003    | Rechargeable battery not charging

004    | USB stick connected, but not readable because it isn't formatted properly or otherwise unreadable

005    | USB stick connected, but cannot write to the stick

006    | Download to the USB stick has failed

007    | Firmware update has failed

008    | Internal clock battery is dead

009    | Multiple firmware files found

010    | No firmware found. Will clear upon reboot.

011    | Error flashing new firmware during update. Will clear upon reboot.

LED Functionality

LED Symptoms Function
Off Normal State/No Activity
Blinking Green Successful Transmission of Packet
Blink Green once and Blink Blue once Successful Transmission of Packet with a DicksonOne configuration Change
Blink Green once and Bling Red once Failed Transmission of Packet
Yellow Blinking until cleared Error State
Solid Blue Updating Firmware
Solid Red Loading/reloading initializing or disconnect/reconnect
Solid Green Booting Up