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Device Calibration

About Calibrating the Device

  • The benefits of utilizing Dickson Touchscreen Devices is that the Sensor Pods are replaceable
  • Instead of having to send a Device to Dickson, you can order Replaceable Sensors and swap them out on the Device
Note To recalibrate your Device, all you need to do is purchase a new Replaceable Sensor with the desired calibration (you can calibrate from our website or give us a call at 630.543.3747 and a team member can walk you through your needs) and then swap out the old one for the new one with the following steps.

How to Replace the Sensors

Remove the Sensor Pods from the Device:
  1. Touchscreen Devices come with two sensor pods
Plug In the New Sensor Pods:
  1. Turn off the logger by holding the power button
  2. Remove the existing Replaceable Sensor
  3. Plug in new Replaceable Sensor
  4. Turn the logger back on
Success Calibrating the Devices is as easy as swapping out Sensor Pods on the Device. Some customers may order extra for urgent need/use.