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Delete an Alarm/Unapply Alarm Template from a Device​

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About Deleting an Alarm/Unapplying Alarm Template from a Device

  • Though Alarms are very useful to receiving notifications, at times, deleting an alarm and creating a better suited alarm or alarm template can be useful
  • This article will go over how to delete Custom Alarms or Unapply Alarm Templates

How to Delete an Alarm/Unapply Alarm Template from a Device

Found on a Device:
Go to > click into a Device > click on Alarms
  1. Click on Alarms to view the alarms that are applied to a device
  2. If an alarm was created on a device, it will show Custom Alarms
  3. If an Alarm Template was created it will show Alarm Templates
Deleting the Custom Alarm from a Device:
  1. Click Delete Alarm to delete the alarm from the device
  2. If you need to make changes to the alarm, you can edit the alarm by clicking Edit Alarm
  3. If you wish to temporarily unapply the custom alarm and not have the alarm be active, click Pause Alarm
Warning I an Alarm is deleted, it cannot be changed. However, a new alarm can be added. We recommend taking caution when using the Pause Alarm function since the alarm has to be activated again if Alerts/Notifications are expected.
Unapplying an Alarm Template from a Device:
  1. Click Unapply Template to remove the Alarm Template from the Device
  2. Unapplying the Template does not delete or alter the Alarm Template
  3. A template can be reapplied if it still exist and has not been deleted from Alarm Templates
  4. To Edit or Delete the Alarm Template, please go to > Manage > Alarm Templates
Success Alarms can be created and then deleted from a device, as well as alarm templates.