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Delete a User

Delete a User

About Deleting a User

  • Once a user is deleted, the user will not longer be able to access the DicksonOne account and will be removed from all alerts as part of any notification policies and alarms.
  • If the deleted user created reoccurring reports, the account owner will be able to reassign the reports.
  • Be sure to edit the recipients on reoccurring reports as needed.
  • Only Account Owners and Account Managers can delete Users.

How to Delete a User

Getting Started:
Go to > Manage > Users
  1. Click Edit next to the user you wish to delete.
Delete the User:
  1. Click Delete at the bottom of the Info page.
Note If the user is not a creator of any reoccurring reports, then the user will now be deleted. If not, please continue reading.
User is Tied to Reoccurring Reports:
  1. If the user is tied to reoccurring reports, determine if the existing reoccurring reports should be Deleted, Un-assigned, or Re-assigned.
  2. Then click Continue
When Re-assigning is selected You will then select a user from the drop-down menu to reassign the reports to. Success This user is now deleted and will not be able to access your DicksonOne account. The user can be re-added if needed. To learn more about how to edit the recipients on reoccurring reports, please visit our How-to articles to learn more.