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Delete a Device

About Deleting a Device

  • Deleting a Device allows you eliminate the device from the interface completely.
  • Deleting a Device allows your to repurpose the device for reuse.

How to Delete a Device

Delete in the Overview Page:
Visit the Device Overview to delete your device from the interface
  1. On the bottom right-hand side of of the graph click 'Delete'
Note Once you delete the device you will not have access to the data. Another option is to archive the device. Please visit our 'How-to' articles to learn more about archiving a device.
Verify Before Taking Action:
You will then see a Warning to verify if you are sure you want to delete the device.
  1. Verify that the Warning display has the name of the device you want to delete.
  2. Determine if you wish to move forward by clicking 'Delete.'
Success Your device is deleted from the interface and will no longer show up on your DicksonOne account. You can always reuse the device in the future.