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Creating Alarms

About Creating Alarms

  • Alarms can be created on the loggers so that an audible alarm can be triggered when specific conditions are met
  • Depending on the device, some devices will display a bell icon to indicate an active alarm visually
  • If a device does not allow alarms, a message Logger Does not Support Alarm Functionality will populate

How to Create Alarms

Section 1:
Open the DicksonWare application on your computer and connect the logger.
  1. Click Configure 
Section 2:
The Logger Settings window will open
  1. Click on Alarms on the left navigation bar
  2. A bow for each Pod Channel will populate, in the example to the right the sensor pod has 3 channels
Each Channel will be marked on the device with its corresponding measurements. For example, Ch1 is Temperature, CH 2 is Relative Humidity (RH), CH3 is Dew Point (DP)
Section 3:
To do that thing, you do this other thing.
  1. Verify the Pod Channel that you want to create an alarm for
  2. To turn the Alarm on check the box next to Enabled State
  3. Select if the alarm is for a Min (above condition) or Max (below condition)
  4. Provide the Value 
  5. Check Audible State to activate the sound alarm on the device so that when the conditions are met, the sound alarm is triggered
  6. Relay Channel Number is for Relay attachments
  7. You can create a second alarm on the device
Section 4:
If a device is not compatible with alarms, a message Logger Does not Support Alarm Functionality will populate Success