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Create a Report

About Creating a Report

  • DicksonOne allows you to create various reports for different purposes that can be useful as part of your SOPs or for Audit purposes.
  • The benefit of DicksonOne reports is that they are delivered as PDF, and are 21 CFR compliant.
  • DicksonOne reports can be automated so that they are emailed daily, weekly and or monthly.

How to Create a Report

Create the Report:
Go to > Reports
  1. Click +Create a New Report
  1. Select a report type from the drown-down options
  2. Optional to check the boxes to Include daily summary and or Add signature line
  3. Click Save and continue
Select Devices:
You can select a Device(s) and or Locations(s)
  1. Select the Device(s) and or Location(s) you wish to report data on
  2. Click Save and continue
Selecting a Location vs. Device When a device or multiple devices are selected, the report will only contain the selected devices. If a location(s) is selected, the report will include any additional devices that are added in the future on future reports.
Report Setup:
In this section, determine the frequency for how often the report should be delivered
  1. Provide a name for the report
  2. Determine the Frequency
  3. Determine when to first sent the first report
  4. Click +Add Another Recipient if you wish you send the report to others
  5. Click Save and continue 
Verify Setup:
  1. Review and/or Edit the information
  2. Click Save and finish
Success Reports can be edited as needed. To learn more on how to edit a report, please visit the DicksonOne Knowledge Base.