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Connect a Device to WiFi

About Connecting Devices to WiFi

  • All DicksonOne devices offer the options to connect to the internet through either WiFi or Ethernet
  • This article will cover how to connect Touchscreen (TWE/TWP) devices and DWE devices to WiFi

How to Connect Devices to WiFi

Configuring WiFi on a Touchscreen Device (TWE/TWP)
On the Touchscreen device, click on the Settings icon to the bottom right of the screen
  1. Click on Network Settings (WiFi icon) on the left
  2.  Click Scan to search and select a network
  3. You can also provide the SSID manually
  4. Provide Password if needed
  5. Click Connect to connect to the WiFi
  6. When successfully configured the device will display a 6-digit Device Code (used for registering devices to your DicksonOne account)
Configuring a DWE device via the widget:
Non-touchscreen devices (DWEs) must use the Network Configuration Widget.
  1. Download the widget from (can be deleted successfully registering the devices and reinstalled as needed) Open the DicksonOne Network Configuration App
  2. If the security warning appears, simply click run.
Note: This configuration utility or widget requires .Net 4.7 or newer to run. You will be prompted to download the correct version if necessary.
  1. Connect the small end of the USB cable to the mini-USB port on the DWE. Connect the other end of the USB cable to an open port on your computer. Make sure the logger is on and connected to the power source via the AC adapter.
Note: The LED indicator light should be bright white, indicating that the device is connected to a computer via USB. In addition, "USB" will appear on the LCD display.
  1. Choose WiFi
  1. DicksonOne devices default to the Ethernet setting. After you have chosen WiFi as your Connection Method your device will reboot.
  1. Choose the appropriate WiFi Network
  1. Confirm you have chosen the correct network and enter your password.
  1. If you are using Firmware version 1.9.0 or newer you will see your data logger go through these steps. Once all three are check marked your device is configured. You can click on the link to register your device.
If you are using any Firmware before version 1.9.0 this is the prompt you will see once your device has connected to your network. Within your DicksonOne account you will click the green Register Device button. Then name the device according to your naming conventions and enter the registration code that appears on the display of your data logger.