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Connect a Device to Ethernet

About Connecting a Device to Ethernet

  • If connecting to your organization's network via WiFi is not permitted, an alternative is taking advantage of using ethernet on the devices
  • The article will cover how to connect ethernet on DicksonOne devices (DWE devices as well at Touchscreen TWE/TWP devices)

How to use Connect an Ethernet Device

Connecting the DWE (Basic Device) to Ethernet
Plug and play
  1. The ethernet jack will be found on the side of the device to the right
  2. Plug the ethernet cable into the ethernet jack
  3. The device will automatically begin to communicate with DicksonOne after it has been registered
Use the configuration widget
  1.  The Network Configuration Widget can also be used to turn Wi-Fi on and turn Ethernet on the device
  2. Other settings can also be changed when using the configuration widget
Note Unlike the DWEs that can easily be plugged into Ethernet, the DicksonOne Touchscreen devices are automatically programmed to have the WiFi turned on and must be configured for Ethernet in a couple of quick easy steps below.
Connecting a TWE/TWP (Touchscreen Devices) to Ethernet
On the Device, click on the settings icon at the bottom right of the screen and then go to the Network Settings page (WiFi icon to the left)
  1. On the Network Settings page, click on WiFi under Network Adapter
  2. Then click Ethernet
  3. The device will automatically reboot to make the change the network settings
Plug the device to an ethernet cable
  1. The ethernet jack will be found to the side of the device to the right in the middle
Note If you plan to utilize POE with the TWP Touchscreen devices, please turn WiFi off and turn on Ethernet on the devices.