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How to modify your logger/repeater network structure

Some of the early manual editions contained an error. Please follow the steps below:

  1. From the status screen, right click on the target logger/repeater and select edit. If you are in the setup screen, double click on logger or repeater to edit.
  2. The edit logger/repeater window will pop up.
  3. Change the setting way to Near and change the status to Inactive.
  4. Save changes and turn off logger/repeater.
  5. Open edit logger/repeater window again for same logger.
  6. Change setting way to Near and change connect via from Receiver to the target repeater.
  7. Change status to Active.
  8. Click on save changes and start.
  9. A window will pop up, turn on Unit and click OK. Turn on logger/repeater and press OK.

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