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This will not affect the logger. The logger will send a transmission and updated Time of Last Transmission. No data will be altered or lost.

Press down on the Push-to-Start button on the logger for 2 seconds. If the alarm condition still exist after the alarm delay period has passed the alarm will sound again.

If the system was shut down and loggers are now trying to send saved data. Some loggers will get saved data through faster than others depending on the amount of logged data the loggers need to send.

Yes, multiple PC’s can run the network software.

If the range of data viewed on a graph spans more than 3 days, the graph will default to midnight (00:00:00).

When installing the Software, a Dot Net Framework Error message will appear. Update to Dot Net Framework 2.0 which is included in the Wizard Software CD in the folder Dot Net Fix.

If humidity data is found on the table but not displayed on the graph please check your software version. if you are running version 2.2 or lower contact technical support.

It is recommended that the host PC remain on 24/7 and rebooted a couple times per month. 

Reconnect the receiver then close down and reopen the WiZARD2 software. 

If the main logger status screen is running, all loggers with alarm conditions will show at the top of the table. If software is running in the background you will receive a pop-up notification.

Each device has a unique ID number, when installing each logger/repeater is told where to send logged data. Loggers/Repeaters will only send signal to the registered receiver.

A red circle with an exclamation point will pop up. Place your cursor over the red circle and a message will appear explaining what needs to be corrected.

The system is designed to handle up to 60 loggers.

No, the logger is designed to look for an open channel before sending data. It will wait for an open channel before transmitting data.

The strength of the signal between the logger and receiver is intermittent.

Yes, make sure they are at least 1.5V nominal. 

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