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Understand the Device Graph

About Understanding the Device Graph

  • The Device Graph can provide users insightful information such as Excursion flags, the ability to create Annotation flags, display different data ranges and more all on the graph.

How to Understand the Device Graph

Displaying the Data on the Graph:

To do that thing, you do this other thing.

  1. Select what range of data you wish to view from the options displayed (e.g., 1h, 24h, 7d, 1m, etc.)
  2. If you wish to display a specific data range over time, you can select a start and end date/time
  3. By hovering over the screen, you can look at a data point on the graph
  4. A timestamp for the data point that the cursor is on will be displayed on the top-right
  5. If there are multiple channels on the device, you can turn on and off for better viewing as needed. 
Zoom Into the Graph:

Dig deeper into the graph

  1. Highlight an area on the graph by clicking into the graph and dragging the cursor 
  2. To reset back click Reset Zoom
Excursions and Comment Flags:

Flags are displayed on the graph to show Excursions for triggered Alerts based on Alarm conditions as well as comments created by users

  1. Hover over the flag to see what the condition is


  1.  Click into a flag to view details regarding the event 
  2. Add additional comments as needed and click Save comment

Users can add Annotation flags by clicking into the graph and the Annotation pop-up will be displayed 

  1. Select the Channel from the drown-down to comment on
  2. Create a message/comment 
  3. Click Save

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