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Edit a Report

About Editing a Report

  • Reports can be edited by copying the report into a new one so that changes as needed can be made to a future report 
  • Users can add or delete recipients on reports, select or remove devices, change the reporting data, and select a different frequency to send the reports

How to Edit a Report

Editing Options:
  1. There are various actions that users can take under Actions from Deleting a report, to downloading the most recent report
  2. To view more information on the report click the expandable and collapsible carrot 
  3. To edit or add additional recipients click Edit Recipients 
Copy Into New Report Action:
This action will allow a user to replicate the existing report into a new copy of the report that can be edited
  1. Report Data (e.g. Device, Calibration, Tabular, etc.) can be edited by clicking Edit to the right
  2. Devices to report on (selected locations and or devices) can be edited by clicking Edit to the right
  3. Click Resolve to make changes to the title, frequency, and add or delete recipients of the report 
  4. Click Save and finish when finished 

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