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Add or Remove Reference Lines

About Adding/Deleting Reference Lines

  • As part of best practices, we recommend that Reference Lines are added when building a Custom Alarm so that the Reference Line is tied to an Excursion threshold or Warning threshold. 
  • Reference lines can help provide a visual on graphs when needing to monitor specific Temperature and/or Relative Humidity parameters. 
  • You can add multiple lines for each channel. 

How to Add or Delete Reference Lines

Visit a Device to Add/Remove Reference Lines:

Adding a Reference Line.

  1. On the Device Overview page, click on ‘Reference Lines.’
  2. Click ‘+New Reference Line’ to add a new line and follow the next steps.
  3. To Delete an existing Reference Line click ‘Delete’ or if you wish to change the value of the existing Reference Line, click ‘Edit.’
Determine the Parameters:

Input the Values needed. 

  1. Select the Channel for the Reference Line.
  2. Determine the Value you want to set the Reference Line to.
  3. Click on ‘Create’ and then close out the popup window. 
Reference Line Displayed:

The Reference Line will appear as a dashed line across the x-axis of the graph. 

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