Product Overview


DicksonOne is a cloud-based environmental monitoring system for monitoring your critical variables from your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Touchscreen Data Loggers

Offering our best user experience yet, the capacitive 8" touchscreen is feature-heavy, easy-to-use, and allows interaction with your data at the touch of a finger.

Data Loggers

With a wide range of applications and a host of features, Dickson's data loggers are cost-effective solutions for monitoring any required area.

On Premise Data Loggers

Dickson's on-premise monitoring system, Wizard, wirelessly manages your entire environment, and a wide array of probes lets you use the system for any application.

Chart Recorders

Dickson's chart recorders are backed by nearly 100 years of excellence. Add in our wide array of available charts, and you have the flexibility to monitor what and how you want to.


If you need simple features and data at your fingertips, Dickson’s indicators are for you. Simply scan or probe your product for an instant temperature or humidity reading.

Replaceable Sensors™

Recalibrate any DicksonOne device on the fly without having to send in your device. Simply remove the existing sensor and plug the new sensor into the unit in a motion that's as easy as swapping batteries in your tv remote.


DicksonWare™ is a standalone software program for use with Dickson's USB-enabled loggers, allowing you to download your environmental data to your PC. Viewing, analyzing, and sharing logged data has never been easier.

Experts in More Than Monitoring

Dickson has been helping organizations with their monitoring needs for almost a century. Now, our team of experts is taking compliance one step further by offering time-saving services. We’ll help manage your compliance process from start to finish, leaving you with proper documentation and peace of mind.
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