When strict conditions matter, you have to ensure that strict conditions are met. With Dickson, you can have confidence and peace of mind that your environments are stable.

What Type of Environment Are You Monitoring?


Measure environmental conditions in your ambient spaces with precision for total product safety.


Get verified chamber temperature and humidity data for consistent results that meet safety standards.

Cold Room & Refrigerator

Gain total control with accurate cold room and refrigerator temperature data and prevent product loss.


Ensure your incubator conditions are properly controlled by monitoring variables with critical accuracy.

Experience the Extraordinary

Whether you want data at your fingertips with a touchscreen logger or you’re looking for a more compact experience, choose from multiple loggers that all work together seamlessly with our cloud-based software, DicksonOne.

Which Variable Are You Monitoring?


Take comfort in knowing your temperature is within specification.


Ensure your environments remain at the appropriate humidity level.


Keep your pressure under control with the right monitoring solution.

Differential Pressure

Detect changes in air pressure and maintain total safety.

Talk to a Specialist

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