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Warehouse Temperature Monitoring Systems

Choosing the right warehouse temperature monitoring system is crucial in ensuring sensitive medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines are protected against damage or loss.
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How to Monitor Temperatures in Pharmaceutical Warehouses

Installing a robust warehouse temperature monitoring system is critical for pharmaceutical warehouses with various storage areas like mezzanine floors, cold storage rooms, and freezers that are housing sensitive pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.
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Sensors & Data Loggers

In pharmaceutical warehouses, temperature data loggers read and record temperature data of products or critical spaces from cold rooms to refrigerators. Sensors (thermocouples, thermistors, or RTDs) used in data loggers also need to be calibrated to ± 0.5°C accuracy.

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Alarms & Notifications

A warehouse temperature monitoring system should include an integrated alarm function that reports out-of-range events or incidents. This is vital in preventing loss of valuable products by automatically alerting responsible staff via audible or visual alarm, email, SMS, or phone call.

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Data Storage & Remote Monitoring

By using a remote warehouse temperature monitoring system, you control how data is collected and what happens once it is collected, whether it’s downloaded or transmitted to a server, computer, or uploaded to the cloud where it can be visualized, analyzed, or validated.

Benefits of Dickson Warehouse Temperature Monitoring System

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Cloud-Based Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor your pharmaceutical warehouse with 24/7 continuous monitoring. DicksonOne data loggers automatically send data to the cloud, so you can view your data from anywhere at any time.

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Total Compliance

Easily comply with FDA, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11 regulatory requirements and NABP accreditation standards (DDA (formerly VAWD)) with NIST traceable temperature data loggers and fully compliant warehouse temperature monitoring system.

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Real-time Alerts

Receive real-time alerts and proactively take action when critical parameters move outside acceptable thresholds. Choose how and when you wish to receive alerts (by phone call, email, SMS, audio or visual alarms).

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Custom Reports

Data is everything when you are monitoring the temperature of sensitive pharmaceutical products. With DicksonOne, reports are instantly available from any device, providing you with real-time and historical data of all your critical parameters.