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    AC Power Touchscreen

    • Touchscreen (TWE/TWP and TSB) Quick Start Guide
    • Export Data from the Touchscreen Data Logger
    • Set a Passcode

    About Touchscreen Devices

    • There are three different model types of touchscreen devices. The TWE/TWP are touchscreen devices that are meant to be connected to the DicksonOne software application, and the TSB model is meant to be used as a standalone data logger.
    • For the TSB model, all settings will be configured on the device itself and for the TWE/TWP models some settings will be configured through DicksonOne.

    Quick Setup

    What’s in the Box

    Additional items included

    • Kickstand – used to stand the device on a flat surface when not mounted to a wall
    • Certificate of Calibration – Document stating the device was calibrated (additional fees may apply for NIST/A2LA traceable certificates)
    Start Logging Data
    1. Plug sensor(s) into the device
    2. Plug the device into power
    3. Press the power button on the side of the device to turn it on
    4. Proceed to ‘Configure Your Device’ below to change display settings, sample interval, and more

    The ambient temperature and the ambient temperature/humidity sensors come with an extension attachment piece that should be used at all times and plugged directly into the device (as pictured above). Other sensors do not require the attachment.
    When replacing your sensors and swapping them out for new ones, consider stabilizing the sensor replacement in the environment that it will live in before swapping it out.

    Device Configuration

    Touch the ‘Settings’ icon on the bottom right of the device screen to access the device settings screens for device configuration and device information

    1. ‘Information’ provides details about the Model, Serial Number, Firmware Version, Mac Address, Attached Sensors and Channels
    2. ‘General Settings’ allows you to configure the device’s name, time settings (format, timezone, date), sample interval for logging, units of measurement, screen saving, and brightness adjustment
    3. ‘Graph’ area allows you to choose between a graph display or text view of readings, statistics, scaling, determine what channels to display on the main screen (two max), and set min/max on/off
    4. The ‘Network’ screen will be used if your device will be registered to your DicksonOne account. After connecting your device to the internet (WiFi or Ethernet), the device will display a 6-digit registration code that is used to register the device to your account. This screen will not be used for standalone TSB loggers.
    5. ‘Alarms’ allows you to enable the alarm (up to two per channel or one high and one low per channel)
    6. ‘Calibration’ will provide details of when the sensors were calibrated, and allows you to create calibration alarms as well
    7. ‘Stored Data’ allows you to download the data from the device using USB and/or also delete the tablet data.
    8. ‘Admin Settings’ allows you to set a passcode to secure the device

    TSB devices are configured via the touchscreen interface ONLY. The TWE/TWP device are connected to the internet via the touchscreen interface but logger settings will be configured on DicksonOne.

    Connect Device to the Internet via Ethernet (TWE/TWP Only)
    1. If you followed steps 1-3 above under “Getting Started” and the device is powered on, plug ethernet cable into the device and an active ethernet jack.
    2. A 6-­digit code will appear on the logger’s Network Settings screen under ‘Registration code’ once it has successfully connected to the internet. The code will be used to link the device to your account. See below for connecting logger to DicksonOne.
    Connect Device to the Internet via WiFi (TWE/TWP Only
    1. If you followed steps 1-3 above under “Getting Started” and the device is powered on, go to the network setting screen to configure WiFi.
    2. Go to the Network Settings screen on the device and verify or switch the “Network Adapter” settings are set to WiFi
    3. Scan for your network or manually enter your SSID
    4. Input network password and configure security settings and encryption as needed.
    5. A 6-­digit code will appear under “Registration Code” which is used to register the device to your DicksonOne account.
    Get Started with DicksonOne

    Log into or create your DicksonOne account at to get started with:

    • Device management
    • Adding users
    • Creating alarms
    • Configuring reports
      and more

    Register Loggers on DicksonOne

    1. On your DicksonOne account click the ‘+Register New Hardware’
    2. Click ‘Add a DWE, TWE, or TWP’
    3. Fill out the device registration form, provide a name for the device, type in the 6-digit registration code (provided on the logger once it is connected to the internet), select a location, determine the settings, and click ‘Register Device’
    4. Data will flow into the system shortly and you will see initial data in 5-10 minutes

    DicksonOne Subscription
    A DicksonOne subscription is required to enable all features. Accounts may have an active subscription already and the account administrator can verify by going to > Manage > Billing.Contact your sales rep or via support (contact details provided below).

    Manage Locations, Users, Alarms, Reports and more on DicksonOne

    To learn how to add locations, users, configure alarms, run reports and more on DicksonOne, please visit the knowledge center by going to

    About Exporting the Device Data

    • The data that is collected by all touchscreens (TSB, TWE, and TWP) can be exported manually from the device 
    • The data will be exported as a CSV file to open with programs such as Excel 
    • Export all your temperature readings, relative humidity readings, etc.

    Before exporting the device’s data, ensure that the device is plugged into AC power and that you have a functioning USB with freed data storage.

    How to Export the Device Data

    On the device:
    1. Plug the USB stick to the USB port on the left side of the device 

    Getting to the Data Screen:

    The USB Stick Icon will appear on the top right hand side of the screen once it is plugged in 

    1. Click on the Settings Icon on the bottom right side of the screen

    Stored Data Screen:
    1. Once the Device recognizes a USB stick, it will display USB flash drive is detected
    2. Click Save to USB to download the data
    3. The Device data can be deleted by clicking on Delete Tablet Data

    Select the data that you would like exported.

    1. CSV (All channels) will include the data for current connected channels as well as previous channels that have been connected in the past
    2. CSV (Connected channels) will include only the data regarding only the current channels that are connected
    3. DicksonWare (All) will include the data for current connected channels as well as previous channels that have been connected in the past and is delivered as an .loj file
    4. DicksonWare (Displayed) will include only the data regarding only the current channels that are connected and is delivered as an .loj file

    The DicksonWare file (loj file) allows a user to maintain 21CFR part 11 compliance between the Device and DicksonWare.

    Save and Finish:
    1. Data saved successfully will be displayed if the data was downloaded to the USB stick successfully and you can press OK

    The data can now be used on your PC computer by opening up the files in Excel, DicksonWare if you utilize the upload function, as well as uploading the data to DicksonOne if/as needed.

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    About Setting Up a Passcode

    • Creating a Device Passcode is easy as 1, 2, 3 and can help with security settings on the Device
    • By creating a Passcode, users will be required to enter the Passcode in anytime they wish to make changes to the Device or view more information on the Device, Export the Device Data, Create Alarms, etc.

    If you are locked out of a device because you cannot enter the correct passcode, please contact us at 630.543.3747 or Submit A Ticket below for more help.

    How to Create a Passcode On the Touchscreen Devices

    Getting Started with a Pascode:

    From the Home screen, click on the Settings icon and then click the Admin Settings (Lock Icon) to the left

    1. The Lock Icon is for the Admin Settings Screen
    2. Select how quickly a device should timeout (e.g., 1 min, 5 min, 60 min, etc.)
    3. Click Set Passcode

    Enter New Passcode (will be a 4-digit passcode)

    Confirm New Passcode (passcodes should match)

    The Device Will Lock Automatically:
    1. The Touchscreen Device will Lock automatically and the Device will display a Lock Icon at the top right-hand corner when it is locked

    Unlock the Device:
    1. When clicking into the Settings Icon on the bottom of the screen, you will be prompted to Enter Current Passcode to view the other screens on the Device

    Disable the Passcode:

    After unlocking the Device with the Passcode, you can disable the passcode as well by going to the Admin Settings screen

    1. On the Admin Settings screen, slide the toggle under Enabled to Disable the Passcode

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