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    • Add or Delete a Location
    • Get Started With Locations and General Structure

    About Adding or Deleting a Location

    • Locations can allow users to control how devices in the account are organized by location and/or application (i.e. Laboratory, Refrigerators, Pharma Co., etc.)
    •  Locations can allow users to control user permissions that restrict a user to No Access, Read Only, or Manage Access to a Location.
    • Locations is laid out in a Parent-Child relationship where the Account name (ie. Pharma Co.) is the super locations and locations can be created as well as adding sub-locations.

    How to Add a Location

    Adding a Location:

    Go to > Manage > Locations

    1. Select the Parent Location from the drop-down options on where your location should live
    2. Provide a Name for the Location (e.g. Cold Room Storage)
    3. Click Add Location

    The amount of locations users can add is infinite. When archiving devices, we recommend creating a location for those devices for easy access on where the devices reside.

    Rearrange and Delete Locations:

    To do that thing, you do this other thing.

    1. Hover over a location and click with the cursor to drag and move until it is arranged in the desired order
    2. Click Save Changes
    3. To delete a location click the x and then Save Changes

    Deleting Locations
    Deleting a Location does NOT delete the devices from the DicksonOne account. Instead, the devices will be moved to the Parent location.
    Users can add, delete and rearrange locations in DicksonOne. To learn more about other topics, please visit the DicksonOne Knowledge Base.

    About Getting Started With Locations and General Structure

    • Locations can help users organize devices in a manner that is fitting to their specific account (i.e., by geographical location and/or application)
    • Sketch out a general structure beforehand to consider how detailed it will be
    • User permissions are also managed by the locations a user may have access to 
    • Various structures can be created to allow flexibility and achieve your needs

    How to Get Started With Locations and General Structure

    Basic Example:

    The Primary Location (The Company Name in the Account Settings) with Devices Below it. All the Devices are at Pharma Co.

    Pharma Co.
         – Device 
         – Device 
         – Device 

    One Building with Multiple Locations:

    Single Building with Multiple Locations. The Primary Location is Pharma Co. In Pharma Co. there are two main locations, West Wing and East Wing, with additional sub-locations. 

    Pharma Co.
         – West Wing
              – Chemical Storage Room 
                   – Device(s)
              – Laboratory  
                   – Device(s)
         – East Wing
              – Incubators  
                   – Device(s)
              – Laboratory 2  
                   – Device(s)

    Each location can have infinite devices in it, 1 or even zero for when you are ready to add devices. We recommend adding a location for achieved devices, should device ever be replaced or removed from the account.

    Multiple Locations with Multiple Facilities:

    Multiple Locations with Multiple Facilities may be used for a larger network. The example shows Pharma Co. Network as the account name and super location overseeing the Chicago, IL Facility and Addison, IL Facility. 

    Pharma Co. Network
         – Chicago, IL Facility 
              – West Wing 1 
                   – Chemical Storage Room 1
                       – Device(s)
                   – Laboratory 1
                       – Device(s)
              – East Wing 1
                   – Incubators 1
                       – Device(s)
                  – Laboratory 2 
                       – Device(s)
         – Addison, IL Facility 
              – West Wing 2
                   – Chemical Storage Room 2
                       – Device(s)
                   – Laboratory 3
                       – Device(s)
              – East Wing 2 
                   – Incubators 2
                       – Device(s)
                  – Laboratory 4
                       – Device(s)

    Infinite locations can be created in DicksonOne. This can also mean that global locations can be added (e.g. European Region, North America Region, South West, East Coast).

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