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Why Doesn’t the Display and Chart Match?

Symptoms Probable Causes Suggested Corrections
Mismatch Display Using charts for another range or wrong dip switches Ensure the proper chart is installed and that the dip switches are set for that specific chart
Ensure that the gears are not binding or slipping by manually advancing the chart one full rotation with the chart rotation button. The pens may not be completely inserted on the pen arms.
Mismatch Display Pen Home is not set properly Press and hold the Chart Rotation and Alarm button, then press the On/Off button. Hold down all three buttons until the unit comes on, the light should be flashing amber. When the amber light becomes steady, press the Alarm button twice, the light should alternate between Red and Green and the pen will move toward the top of the chart. The pen should stop on the Maximum Temperature Line of the chart that is being used. If the pen is not exactly on the Maximum Temperature Line, use the Alarm button to move the pen down and the Chart Rotation button to move the pen up.
Why don't the readings of the temperature pen and display exactly match? The cause of this could be because Hysteresis or wrong chart. Hysteresis is a naturally occurring mechanical discrepancy up to 2% of range. Check to see that the proper chart is installed.