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Display Reads PROB, HELP, UND, Symbols and More?

Trouble Symptoms Probable Causes Suggested Corrections
Display Reads PROB The probe may not be plugged correctly to the recorder.If an extension cable is being used it could be defective. The Device may be "Locked Up." This can be confirmed by pressing any of the buttons on the keypad. The Sensor board may have fallen out or become partially unplugged. Unplug and replug the probe correctly. If the unit is locked up, there will be no response to button presses. The unit may appear to be working, but the readings won’t change. The chart also will not rotate. Remove the battery and AC power (if applicable) and then re-power the recorder. Remove the back panel of the recorder. The sensor board should be plugged in the center of the main board. If the sensor board is in its socket, you may need to ensure the connection by pressing down on it to make sure it is secure. The pens should respond right away if this is the only cause of the problem.
Display Reads HELP The digital board is no longer communicating with the power board. The unit will require service for repair.
Displays UND This means that the unit is detecting a temperature well below its range Should the unit display UND otherwise, it may be a defective probe or extension cable.
Why is the alarm symbol flashing on the digital display? The alarm sounds audibly if out of range conditions occur. The indicator will then flash until alarm key is pressed and alarm is reset. To reset the alarm, press the bell shaped alarm button.
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