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Upload Data from DicksonWare to DicksonOne

About Uploading Data from DicksonWare to DicksonOne

  • Using the Legacy Upload feature on DicksonOne allows you to upload your data from DicksonWare to DicksonOne.
  • allows users to view data easily through a web browser instead of needing to have an application locally installed on a computer.
  • DicksonWare 2.0 Secured is a requirement for automatic uploads.
  • A DicksonOne account is required to use the feature and you can visit Create a DicksonOne Account  to get started.

How to Upload Data from DicksonWare to DicksonOne

Section 1:
After click +Register Device
  1. Click on Legacy Device
  2. Name the Device to match the Device's Name in DicksonWare
  3. Select a location
  4. Provide the Model Number found in DicksonWare when you connect the logger to DicksonWare
  5. Provide the Serial Number
  6. Select the Display Time Zone
  7. Click Register Device to register the device