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Updating DicksonWare Preferences

About Updating DicksonWare Preferences

  • DicksonWare preferences allows you to manage account preferences as well as add users

How to Update DicksonWare Preferences

Section 1:
Launch the DicksonWare application
  1. Click File on the top left corner
  2. Select Preferences 
Section 2:
On the Preferences page you will see Units, Communications, and Users on the left navigation bar
  1. Can change the Temperature, Humidity and Pressure units
  2. Click Save  at the bottom right to save the changes made
Section 3:
Communications allows you to select different communication features
  1. Check  the boxes next to the desired behaviors you would like
  2. Click Save on the bottom right to save your selected settings
Section 4:
In this section you have the ability to view, manage, delete and add new users
  1. Click Add to add new users
  2. Click into a User to edit the user's settings
  3. Click Save to save your changes
Note Go to Adding and Deleting Users to learn more on how to manage users in DicksonWare.