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Twilio Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Issues Regarding the Twilio Integration on DicksonOne

  • This article focuses on troubleshooting mechanisms for customers that may experience issues regarding the Twilio integration on DicksonOne.
  • The Twilio integration is for SMS/Text messages and phone call notifications on DicksonOne and does NOT pertain to email notifications.

Troubleshooting SMS/Text Message and Phone Call Notifications

Reviewing Phone Calls or SMS/Text Message Logs in Twilio
When the DicksonOne events page displays that an alarm was triggered on DicksonOne but the user does not receive the SMS/Text message or phone call, then proceed to do the following. 1. Go to the Events page on DicksonOne and verify if a the DicksonOne system logs show that an SMS or a Phone call notification was delivered. 2. Login to the Twilio console by going to 3. Click on Monitor within the Twilio console. 4. Expand the Logs menu. 5. Select Messaging for SMS/Text message notifications or Calls for voice phone calls. 6. You can input the phone number of the user in the To filed who did not receive the phone call or SMS/text message. 7. Click Filter to filter the logs. 8. You can review the To column to verify the phone number and you can also review the Status column to understand if the delivery was successful or not. 9. If a phone call or sms/text message failed to deliver you will see Undelivered and you can click on the question icon for more details explaining what may be the cause. You can go to the Twilio support article to view more information about delivery codes.
Submitting a Support Ticket to Twilio
If you reviewed the Twilio logs and identified an issue or do not understand what may be causing an issue with SMS/text message or phone call delivery logs, you can submit a support ticket to Twilio for further assistance. 1. Click on Docs and Support on the bottom-left navigation menu. 2. Click Support Center. 3. Click Submit a ticket and proceed with filling out the required fields. Dickson does not have any control regarding tickets submitted to Twilio and any tickets is submissions are the responsibility of Twilio and the customer. Warning There may be additional reasons that can have an impact on the delivery of SMS/text message and/or phone call notifications by Twilio. SenderID registration may be a requirement. Please go to to review more information and contact Twilio if you have any questions. If you need any documentation or support regarding DicksonOne please contact us at There may also be a possibility that enabled geo-permissions need to be reviewed to allow phone call or sms/text message delivery to desired international phone numbers.
Reviewing Issues on DicksonOne
If the Events on DicksonOne show that a notification was delivered for SMS/text message or a phone call, you can review the alarm to see if a phone number has been flagged on DicksonOne. 1. Go to the device and click on Alarms. 2. Proceed to reviewing the Contacts associated with each alarm and see if there is an icon next to the phone number. 3. Hovering over will provide details if a number has been flagged or not. 4. If you are the account Owner (admin) you can go to to remove the recipient from the list of flagged numbers for your account or contact if you have further questions. 5. You can also have users text "Start" to the Twilio phone number associated with your Twilio account to opt into receiving SMS/text messages if a user accidentally blocked messages. You can review more information by going to